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2016 - 2017 Controversy Area Ballot Available

The ballot to select the 2016-2017 controversy area is now available online at:
One vote per school. Schools must be current members in order to vote. It isn't too late to pay dues for 2015-2016 if you want to vote. The same dues payment also will allow voting on the resolution later this summer.

Ballots are due by midnight (central), Friday, May 20. Results will be announced shortly thereafter.

The controversy areas up for consideration are:

Anti-Racism: Institutional racism and racial inequality should be reduced in the United States.
Emissions: The United States should establish an energy policy to combat climate change.
Labor: Labor should be protected and support for unions should be increased.
Police: Policing practices should be significantly transformed.
Poverty: Poverty in the United States should be radically reduced.
Taxes: The United States should increase taxation.

A complete set of papers can be found at: