Many more sides: Debate across the curriculum and around the globe

Gina Iberri-Shea


Dr. Alfred “Tuna” Snider expanded the boundaries of debate by bringing it to new regions and promoting it in educational contexts outside of the communication discipline. His scholarship has become the resource guide for debate across the curriculum courses and programs around the world. This paper extends his work by providing a rationale for inclusion of debate across the curriculum in English language learner contexts. The implementation of English through debate, which has been effectively employed as a U.S. university course, and in several of Dr. Snider’s debate institutes, including Beihang University and the International Debate Academy Slovenia, is then described in several contexts. Finally, a discussion of the inherent intersection of language, content, critical thinking, and communication in debate will highlight the ways in which debate across the curriculum and in language education supports and expands principles, such as power through education and global citizenship, which were pervasive through Tuna’s life and work, and contribute to his legacy.

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