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Author Topic: Indiana Univ School of Public and Env. Affairs Grad Asst.  (Read 5124 times)
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« on: October 26, 2010, 01:47:48 PM »

Indiana Univ. Debate is seeking qualified debate assistants for the 2011-2012+ seasons.

Stipend increases and tuition reductions are offered for debate assistants who enter into the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) degree programs. SPEA offers a Masters in Public Affairs, MPA-Masters of Environmental Science, MPA-JD, and PhD programs. PhD debate assistants quality for an expansion of the nine-month stipend to a full twelve months. Master's students will also qualify for an equivalent stipend and/or tuition reduction.

The Masterís program differs from traditional MA programs in the humanities. The SPEA MPA is a professional degree that is targeted to create students who are competitive candidates for public affairs positions in the government, think tanks, and businesses.  SPEA's MPA program is among the best in the field: SPEA was named the second best MPA program by U.S. News and World Report. The MPA program has an applied focus that teaches students to address society's complex problems from an interdisciplinary perspective. Thus, students are taught by faculty members with backgrounds in political science, economics, policy analysis, management science, law, international affairs, environmental policy, and other significant public policy areas.

MPA Fields of Concentration:
   * comparative and international affairs
   * economic development
   * environmental policy and natural resource management
   * information systems
   * local government management
   * nonprofit management
   * policy analysis
   * public financial administration
   * public management

At the end of your second year, during the summer, MPA students are required to take an internship in the field of their choice. SPEA will seek out internships that fit your interests so that you can find employment in the field post-graduation. Successful completion of the MPA program can open up opportunities to work for Federal, State, and Local agencies. SPEA has alumni in the DOD, USAID, GAO, EPA and more. An extensive internship program through SPEA's office of career services will help you gain the experience and the connections needed to work for the organization of your choice.

Out of state tuition for the MPA is $23,000. About 20% of applicants qualify for SPEAís merit based grants and tuition reductions. The debate team is working with SPEA to make debate applicants more competitive for aid and additional moneys, including an automatic payment of roughly $3,000 per year for assisting the team. More information about grants/scholarships and fellowships can be found here:

Interested individuals should go here:

And to IU debateís webpage:

SPEAís MPA program and IU debate would love to schedule a visit with you between now and the time that you apply. Visits can be scheduled here: Make sure in your concentration/interests you mention assisting the debate team.

Application Deadline for merit considerations = Feb 1, 2011.

The PhD program is very prestigious ( Applicants will need to show excellence in fields of study (law, science, public policy, political science, math) and/or have experience in the public policy to qualify. Adam Abelkop (adam dot can provide an insiders perspective on the PhD program.

Future applicants and questions about the program should be directed to Brian DeLong, Dir. of Debate, brdelong@Indiana dot edu as soon as possible.

Brian L. DeLong
IU Director of Debate
SPEA #339A
Office: 812-856-7585
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« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2010, 04:04:27 PM »

I strongly encourage senior debaters and others that are figuring out "what to do next year" to consider the MA (and PhD) options at Indiana University. It is a new and different option on the debate scene -- but a genuinely fantastic one.

This is:

 a) a wonderful school that will open doors for you
 b) an option for those that want to stay involved in debate -- but may prefer Graduate Options outside of Comm (no knock on Comm -- different people like different things). what DeLo and John Graham are doing to support debate in the Big Ten.

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« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2010, 02:30:49 AM »

Our graduate school section of the IU Debate website now contains two links to the 2010 international and domestic internships. I would highly suggest perusing the list for your edification of what types of connections the IU SPEA program can provide to further your career.
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« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2011, 02:12:54 PM »

Debate Community,

As we are transitioning into the summer, I am posting early to emphasize that 2011-2012 juniors and seniors who are interested in furthering their education with an advanced degree should look into what Indiana's School of Public and Environmental Affairs has to offer for your future. Great candidates for our programs will be those students who love the "policy side" of research and the methods of in-depth cost-benefit analysis of our beloved activity. If you are struggling with decisions between an MA/PhD in the humanities or whether to enter law school, please know that these are not your only options! While the humanities and Law school each have their benefits, policy programs can provide you with a fast track for finding employment in government and policy based analysis.

Our program has a proven record of placing its graduates in highly sought after non-profit, public, and private positions:

During the past five years, some of the most popular employers of SPEA masterís degree graduates have been the Environmental Protection Agency, the General Accountability Office, the General Services Administration and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.Even those graduates who choose the private sector may work for consulting firms or service companies that support federal agencies. A variety of nonprofit employers have also hired SPEA graduate students, ranging from large philanthropic trusts to large and small service providers such as Habitat for Humanity and the Boys and Girls Club. (See More Employment Data Here

Assistant Instructor for Debate and SPEA:
I have received two major inquiries about how the debate assistant factor operates within our program and the graduate school. I will answer the questions for future M.P.A. applicants.

1) "What does the assistance look like in terms of funding and total cost of the program?":
The financial package depends on the strength of the applicant. Background information--Full tuition and fees for out of state students is $21,312 a year. While paying for graduate school seems absurd in comparison to some of the humanities degree options available, our MPA program should be compared to professional degrees such as Law or Business School. After two years in Bloomington, federal/state/local jobs with average annual incomes of $66,591+ is within your reach. In terms of financial incentives to be on the team: SPEA is very receptive to helping our program grow. They are also excited to tap into the rich resource of brilliant minds that college policy debate can produce. Thus far I have been able to acquire leverage in terms of providing merit based aid for strong debate candidates. Strong candidates who applied for the 2011-2013 academic year received an offer of $8,000 off of their yearly tuition cost. With 200+ graduate students entering our program each academic year, merit aid and associative stipends are extremely competitive and difficult to come by. More funding options continue to become available as we move forward.

2) What would my role be as an assistant?
As a SPEA assistant instructor for the debate team your first obligation is to be a successful student. We recognize that eight thousand is not a large some of funding. Furthermore, you will have your teaching assistant obligations (10 hours a week) allocated to the team rather than a faculty member. How you use those ten hours each week will depend on what type of strengths you can bring to our team. With a young program we are emphasizing the growth of the student's ability to self-sustain in terms of research and debate theory growth. We will ask that you travel to three tournaments a semester. Anything more would be a bonus but not required.

Send me an email if you have any further inquiries about our program.

Best wishes,

Brian DeLong
IU Dir. of Debate
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« Reply #4 on: December 12, 2011, 09:44:08 AM »

The graduate information listed above is still current.

SPEA provides a wonderful opportunity for incoming students to earn a professional degree in our highly ranked school of public affairs. Incoming MPA students will be provided with linkages to outstanding internship programs domestically and internationally. Last year's Oxford program was very well received by our PhD and MPA students. Our program also has very strong placement levels in D.C. as well as the surrounding Chicago areas.

The deadline for merit aid consideration is February 1, 2012.

Contact myself or Adam Abelkop if you have any further inquiries about the program.


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