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Author Topic: Fear and Loathing in Dallas - Tournament Update  (Read 4385 times)
Chris Burk
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« on: January 04, 2011, 08:54:03 PM »

Tournament Update of January 4, 2011
Fear and Loathing in Dallas at UT Dallas

We at UT Dallas are looking forward to hosting you during our tournament. Here’s some important information for those attending the upcoming Fear and Loathing in Dallas intercollegiate debate tournament.  I encourage directors and coaches to read this message and take the appropriate actions. A bit of administrative housekeeping now will help everyone have a smooth and pleasant experience at the hotel and during the tournament.  

1. Finalize all entries – We will lock the tournament entries soon. Please review your squad’s entry on and complete any necessary changes by 7:00 PM CST on Wednesday, January 5.  This applies to teams, judges, and general squad information.  Just please ensure that any necessary adjustments are made quickly.  Double check the information relevant to your squad’s judging commitment. Please enter any remaining food preferences via and please provide an overall head count.  Double check the number rounds to be judged for each of your judges and please indicated any special constraints. Entries will be closed so we can activate the judge preference system.  Any changes made after that deadline of 7 PM on Wednesday will need to be sent via email to both Scott Herndon and Jeff Jarman.

2. Hotel rooms – Please also make any necessary adjustments to your room reservations prior to arrival.  The hotel staffers have specifically requested that teams who may have originally booked more rooms than necessary to cancel those surplus reservations as soon as possible.   Empty rooms frustrate them. Hotel policy is that anyone waiting until the day of arrival to cancel a room reservation may be charge for one night. So please make your cancelations now if you need to do so.  If you find yourself in need of an additional room at the host hotel, please contact us or the hotel.  The main telephone number of the Crowne Plaza Suites is (972) 233-7600. The hotel’s website can be found here:

3. Hired judging – It seems that some squads will still need to hire some judging to cover their commitments. The overall judging count will be a bit tight. So if you have rounds to sell or wish to volunteer, please let me know.  If you find yourself still needing to hire, please let me know too.

4. Novice Division – The number of entries in the novice division is unfortunately not sufficient to justify retaining it as a distinct division.  The novice teams will be folded into the junior varsity division and will complete accordingly.

5. Judge Preferences – We will activate the judge preference entry process on Wednesday night at 8 PM Central.  Teams will have until 3:00 PM on Friday, January 7 to enter all the relevant rankings.  Then the judge prefs will be locked so we can proceed with registration and pairings.

6. Travel Delays – Please contact Chris or Scott if you have any travel delays that will impact the tournament.  Posting of pairings for the first two debates will only be possible if you notify us of travel delays, ether binges, and similar disruptions as soon as possible.  

7.   Weather forecast – The forecast indicates that rain possible on Saturday and Monday. We will be using many buildings around the campus so please bring an umbrella.  The good news is that daytime high temperatures will reach 60 degrees during most of the tournament.  The hotel has a pool and hot tub. Bring your swim trunks, bears, and leeches.

8. Tournament registration – It will occur in Room 322 at the Crowne Plaza Suites in Dallas. It will begin at 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon.  We plan to conclude registration by 7:00 PM and to post pairings for rounds 1 and 2 soon thereafter on Friday night. If there are no major snags, then I anticipate that pairings will be available by 8:00 PM that night.  If pairings are available before 8 PM, then we will move forward accordingly and release them slightly earlier.

9. Contact information – Please contact Scott Herndon or Chris Burk if we can assist you.   Herndon’s email:   Burk’s email:

Raoul Duke

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