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Author Topic: University of South Florida--Grad. Ass./Director of Debate--by Oct. 15th  (Read 3124 times)
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« on: September 20, 2011, 03:02:39 PM »

The University of South Florida St. Pete has renewed its search for a graduate student in any of our masters programs, (not just communications) to assist the debate team, and serve functionally as the director of our program. The Grad Student will receive an office, health benefits, competitive stipend simply for being a graduate student, and additional money for coaching the program.

The Program--
For those of you not familiar with our program, the team was founded in 2008, and has been student run since then, with reasonable success, including an All American, numerous district wide awards, and consistent elim participation at the JV and Novice level. As our team matures, and our top teams move to varsity (some started this year) we've been looking to add coaching to push us to the next level, and reduce the strain of preparing both the logistics and bureaucracy of running a team and coordinating travel, and the argumentation/research required to be competitive. The university loves the team to death, and frequently trots us out as an example of the awesome things going on around campus. Our current "director" is the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, who, while he knows nothing about debate, is very enthusiastic about our program,  wants us to succeed, and is willing to do what he can as Dean to do so.

The University--
The University of South Florida St. Pete is the waterfront branch of USF. Our campus has two real "teams," a nationally renown sailing squad, and debate team that has won more trophies in the last two years that our more established sailing counterparts. We have a small school feel, with the resources of a 45,000 student campus just up the road in Tampa. The campus is three blocks from downtown St. Pete, (a good selection of bars, restaurants, clubs, etc.) and right off the highway if you feel like going to Tampa (the bigger city). Some of the best beaches in the nation are a 10-15 min. drive from campus, and we're a block from the new performing arts center, and renovated Dali museum. We have 75 degree weather in Jan. and stays warm until at least November if not later. Hurricanes never hit the Tampa Bay area because the bay itself sends them either north or south of us, so suffice to say that its a wonderful place to go to live/go to school.

The Job--
We have been a student run team for three years now, meaning that we're used to coordinating travel plans, and doing all of the research, etc. for ourselves. Ideally, we'd like to focus more on the competitive aspects, and less on the "how we're getting to the tournament" part of debate.
The graduate student would be asked to:

--Coordinating team travel
--Serve as a judge for the vast majority (if not all) of our tournaments
--Help us with research and argument formation
--Help us continue our current recruitment efforts and involvement in the local high school district to sustain the team
--Assist in the administration of the 2-3 high school tournaments that we host a year (this is a large part of our fundraising)
--Give feedback, watch practice speeches...."coach" a bit.

We've built a team here based on a commitment to novice recruitment and winning in all three divisions. We're all really close as a team, and work together, as opposed to a strictly top down approach. We'd like someone who is willing to lead, coordinate travel, be willing to work with novices, etc. and this is something our senior members are willing to help do (since we're already doing it). We would like someone who can assist us in the transition to varsity, and help make debate an institution at USFSP.   

Please email your interest to David soon as possible. To be eligible for the position, you must apply with USFSP Graduate School by Oct. 15. Information on the application and admission process here:
Interviews with eligible applicants will be conducted on a rolling basis as soon as the applicant completes the USFSP Grad School application."
The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences has been supporting the team, and has agreed to sponsor this position, so not only will your application be sped through the system, but your time spent as the director of debate here will receive full university support. If the admission criteria are a problem, please contact us, as many of the requirements are flexible.

Email David at, or call at 727 542 4806
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« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2011, 03:33:35 PM »

Hurricanes never hit the Tampa Bay area because the bay itself sends them either north or south of us, so suffice to say that its a wonderful place to go to live/go to school.

Sorry, but anyone that knows me knows I am a huge weather dork.  I can't let this one slide.  Here's the storied history of hurricanes in the Tampa Bay region...NOAA considers the area to be one of the highest risk areas for potential catastrophe, mostly due to the the apathy of residents and myths like this one.

Good luck building your program!  The fact that your deal offers health insurance is pretty sweet.

Joe Koehle

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