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Author Topic: USC Alan Nichols pre-tournament reminders  (Read 3219 times)
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« on: December 31, 2011, 04:04:00 PM »

Greetings all,

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable New Years Eve tonight. Tomorrow I will post the full registration packet so you will have all of the information your squad needs for our tournament.

I only have two reminders that need to be addressed before you register on the 2nd.

1 - Judge Preferences - We will close preferences at 8 pm pst tomorrow night (1/1). Each open team should rank 104 judges and all JV teams should rank 105 judges. Many open teams have 103 ranked, so please check your sheets.

2) Two phases of registration.

A) Travel check-in - At the beginning of their travel each school should check in via email ( or text/phone (213-915-8201) and confirm that their entire party is in transit. If you are a local program or cannot make it to registration, please confirm your entry. We want to know early if there are any dropped teams or judges.

B) Payment and final check-in From 6-8 pm in the Radisson lobby we will formally hold registration. Pairings for round 1 & 2 will be released online no later than 9 pm.

Judge preference status below.

Enjoy and be safe tonight and in your travels. See you in LA very soon!


School   Names   Division   Judges Rated
Arizona State   Jeffrey Dunne & Jason Sanchez   Open   0
Arizona State   Nikole Brasch & Kurtis Nielsen   Open   0
Arizona State   Ryan Marcus & Michelle Vered   Open   0
Arizona State   Nick Gill & Pierce Young   JV   0
Arizona State   Peter Chotras & Rohit Rajan   JV   0
Baylor   John Cook & Ashley Morgan   Open   103
Baylor   Kendall Kaut & Nathan Ford   Open   0
Cal. State Chico   Scott Laczko & Emily Parker   Open   0
California   Abhik Pramanik & Thomas Hodgman   Open   0
California   Sarah Weiner & Andres Gannon   Open   0
Cornell University   Lauren Cue & Jason Wright   Open   0
Cornell University   Michelle Huang & Dan Powers   Open   0
CSU Fullerton   habacuc cruz & maksim bugrov   Open   0
CSU Fullerton   Irvin Alvarado & Jim Sydnor   Open   0
CSU Fullerton   Joel Salcedo & Jeanette Rodriguez   Open   0
CSU Fullerton   Marvin Carter & Lee Thach   Open   0
CSU Fullerton   Mireya Prado & Roman Rajan   Open   0
CSU Fullerton   Sam Brown & Nick Moore   Open   0
CSU Fullerton   Gabriela Gonzalez & Joel Su   JV   0
CSU Fullerton   Melissa Castro & Ester Estrada   JV   0
CSU Northridge   Byron Lindo & Joselyn Pena   JV   0
CSU Northridge   Eric Algorri & Michael McGee   JV   0
CSU Northridge   Jack Harryman & Teddy Agbonwaneten   JV   0
CSU Northridge   Kayla Martz & Wynter Eddins   JV   0
Dartmouth   Jenn Armstrong & Nick Donlan   Open   103
Dartmouth   Zach Markovich & Tatsuro Yamamura   Open   103
Dartmouth   Zack Elias & Alex Resar   Open   103
Emory   Erin Collins & David Mullins   Open   99
Emory   Greg Adler & Julia Marshall   Open   99
Emory   Jessica Moore & William Rains   Open   99
Emory   John Holland & Fayzan Rab   Open   99
Emory   Megan Cambre & Matthew Pesce   Open   99
Emory   Nikhil Bontha & Elli Kuenzel   Open   99
Emory   Wilma Qiu & Neil Sethi   Open   99
Emporia State U.   Ryan Wash & LaToya Williams-Green   Open   0
Fresno State   Tom Eizadi & Valentine Kovtun   Open   100
Fresno State   Andre Mitchell & Candis Tate   JV   0
Fresno State   Sierra Holley & Pritpal Randawa   JV   0
George Mason Univ.   Kyle Lastovica & Taylor Nichols   Open   100
George Mason Univ.   Lauren Frank & Ivan Kyagaba   Open   100
George Mason Univ.   Young Kwon & Nick Merican   Open   100
Georgetown   Andrew Arsht & Andrew Markoff   Open   103
Georgetown   Richard Day & Tyler Engler   Open   103
Georgetown   Taylor Coles & Peter Vale   Open   71
Georgia   Mike Lacy & Austin Layton   Open   0
Gonzaga   Leah Moczulski & Paul Kanellopoulos   Open   96
Harvard   Anna Dimitrijevic & Daniel Taylor   Open   103
Harvard   Bradley Bolman & Michael Suo   Open   103
Harvard   Kelsey Nowell & Adrianna Lucero   Open   103
Harvard   Krishnan Ramanujan & Daniel Zhao   Open   103
Harvard   William Karlson & Gabrielle Tandet   Open   103
Idaho State   Andrew Ridgeway & Lindsay Vanluvanee   Open   103
Idaho State   Kendra Doty & Max Johnston   Open   103
Idaho State   Peter Eckert & Ryan Hand   Open   103
Kansas (Univ. of)   Mathew Petersen & Mark Wilkins   Open   103
Kansas (Univ. of)   Melanie Campbell & Amanda Gress   Open   103
Kansas (Univ. of)   Patrick Kennedy & Sean Kennedy   Open   103
Kansas State   Michael Mays & June Ramirez   Open   103
Kansas State   Tyler Kowaleski & Derek Ziegler   Open   103
Liberty University   Andrew Landrum & Aaron Siegrist   Open   103
Liberty University   Beau Troxclair & Chas Warren   Open   103
Liberty University   Lincoln Garrett & Austin Woodruff   Open   103
Liberty University   Mary Bobbitt & Brittannie Hedrick   Open   103
Los Rios Colleges   Aninda Chowdhury & Dan Stanfield   Open   103
Los Rios Colleges   Jorge Juarez & Jesse Thomson-Burns   JV   104
Los Rios Colleges   Lydia Evans & Sonam Kumar   JV   104
Mary Washington   Patrick McCleary & Colin McElhinny   Open   100
Mary Washington   Tom Pacheco & Peter Susko   Open   100
Michigan (University of)   Kyle Deming & Alex Pappas   Open   0
Michigan (University of)   Lukas Hosford & Brandon Canniff   Open   0
Michigan (University of)   Maria Liu & Ellis Allen   Open   0
Michigan (University of)   Will Morgan & Joe Krakoff   Open   0
Michigan (University of)   Yao Yao Liu & Kevin Hirn   Open   0
Michigan State Univ.   Aniela Butler & Jack Caporal   Open   103
Michigan State Univ.   Howard Akumiah & Kyra Stephenson   Open   0
Michigan State Univ.   Josh Miller & Quinn Zemel   Open   0
Michigan State Univ.   Kaavya Ramesh & Evan Hebert   Open   103
Michigan State Univ.   Kush Patel & Pablo Gannon   Open   103
Minnesota   Cody Crunkilton & Miranda Ehrlich   Open   100
Missouri State   Jeff Bess & Joel Reed   Open   0
Missouri State   Jordan Foley & Wes Rumbaugh   Open   0
Missouri State   Katie Frederick & Jace Gilmore   Open   0
Nevada Las Vegas   Alex Velto & Christian Bato   Open   0
Nevada Las Vegas   Gannon Nelson & Will Pregman   Open   0
Nevada Las Vegas   Michael Eisenstadt & Stefan Meneses   Open   0
Nevada Las Vegas   Lydia Scherr & Amber Lilienthal   JV   0
Nevada Las Vegas   Matt Jallits & Nick Tettamanti   JV   0
Northwestern   Christopher Mair & Zane N. Waxman   Open   0
Northwestern   Jordan Blumenthal & Alex Miles   Open   0
Northwestern   Peyton Lee & Arjun Vellayappan   Open   0
Northwestern   Ryan Beiermeister & Layne Kirshon   Open   103
Samford   Dan Bagwell & Jacob Lewis   Open   100
Samford   Kaitlin DeFoor & Garrett Vande Kamp   Open   100
San Diego State Univ   Kristen Everheart & Britni King   JV   0
San Francisco State   Julian Hamud & Natalie Teter   Open   0
Stanford   Jake Sonnenberg & Scott Khamphoune   Open   7
Stanford   Hart Goldman & Alex Martel   JV   0
Texas   Flynn Makuch & Jishnu Guha-Majumdar   Open   74
Texas Dallas   Collin Roark & Wes Dwyer   Open   42
Vanderbilt   George Williford & Cody Stothers   Open   0
Wake Forest   Andrew McCarty & Ian Miller   Open   90
Wake Forest   Francisco Bencosme & Mike Carlotti   Open   99
Wake Forest   Lee Quinn & Joe LeDuc   Open   100
Wake Forest   Richard Min & Ken Bailey   Open   90
Western Connecticut   Eugene Allen & Ben Townsend   Open   0
Western Connecticut   Taylor Pasquence & Taylor Wolff   Open   0
Whitman College   Allison Humble & Alex Zendeh   Open   103
Whitman College   David Collier & Ben Menzies   Open   103
Whitman College   Jonathan Barsky & Annabelle Marcovici   Open   103
Whitman College   Tia Butler & Tiffany Lewis   Open   103

Gordon Stables
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Director of Debate & Forensics
Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism
University of Southern California
Sr. Member
Posts: 334

« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2012, 04:44:19 PM »

The deadline for MPJ is jus under four and half hours (8 pm pst)and these are the schools who have not ranked all judges. Remember all open teams should rank 104 judges and all JV should rank 105.

School  Names   Division        Judges Rated
Cornell University      Lauren Cue & Jason Wright       Open    0
Cornell University      Michelle Huang & Dan Powers     Open    0
CSU Fullerton   habacuc cruz & maksim bugrov    Open    71
CSU Fullerton   Irvin Alvarado & Jim Sydnor     Open    0
CSU Fullerton   Joel Salcedo & Jeanette Rodriguez       Open    0
CSU Fullerton   Marvin Carter & Lee Thach       Open    0
CSU Fullerton   Mireya Prado & Roman Rajan      Open    0
CSU Fullerton   Sam Brown & Nick Moore  Open    0
CSU Fullerton   Gabriela Gonzalez & Joel Su     JV      0
CSU Fullerton   Melissa Castro & Ester Estrada  JV      0
CSU Northridge  Byron Lindo & Joselyn Pena      JV      0
CSU Northridge  Eric Algorri & Michael McGee    JV      0
CSU Northridge  Jack Harryman & Teddy Agbonwaneten      JV      0
CSU Northridge  Kayla Martz & Wynter Eddins     JV      0
Emporia State U.        Ryan Wash & LaToya Williams-Green       Open    15
George Mason Univ.      Lauren Frank & Ivan Kyagaba     Open    100
George Mason Univ.      Young Kwon & Nick Merican       Open    100
Georgetown      Andrew Arsht & Andrew Markoff   Open    103
Georgetown      Richard Day & Tyler Engler      Open    103
Georgia Mike Lacy & Austin Layton       Open    0
Harvard Anna Dimitrijevic & Daniel Taylor       Open    103
Harvard Bradley Bolman & Michael Suo    Open    103
Harvard Kelsey Nowell & Adrianna Lucero Open    103
Harvard Krishnan Ramanujan & Daniel Zhao        Open    103
Idaho State     Andrew Ridgeway & Lindsay Vanluvanee    Open    103
Idaho State     Kendra Doty & Max Johnston      Open    103
Idaho State     Peter Eckert & Ryan Hand        Open    103
Kansas (Univ. of)       Melanie Campbell & Amanda Gress Open    103
Kansas (Univ. of)       Patrick Kennedy & Sean Kennedy  Open    103
Michigan (University of)        Kyle Deming & Alex Pappas       Open    0
Michigan (University of)        Lukas Hosford & Brandon Canniff Open    41
Michigan (University of)        Yao Yao Liu & Kevin Hirn        Open    75
Nevada Las Vegas        Alex Velto & Christian Bato     Open    0
Nevada Las Vegas        Gannon Nelson & Will Pregman    Open    0
Nevada Las Vegas        Michael Eisenstadt & Stefan Meneses     Open    0
Nevada Las Vegas        Lydia Scherr & Amber Lilienthal JV      0
Nevada Las Vegas        Matt Jallits & Nick Tettamanti  JV      0
San Diego State Univ    Kristen Everheart & Britni King JV      0
San Francisco State     Julian Hamud & Natalie Teter    Open    0
Stanford        Jake Sonnenberg & Scott Khamphoune      Open    7
Stanford        Hart Goldman & Alex Martel      JV      0
Texas   Flynn Makuch & Jishnu Guha-Majumdar     Open    74
Vanderbilt      George Williford & Cody Stothers        Open    0
Wake Forest     Richard Min & Ken Bailey        Open    90

Gordon Stables
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Director of Debate & Forensics
Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism
University of Southern California
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