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Author Topic: 2012 UMKC Baby Jo Memorial Tournament - Invite  (Read 2898 times)
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« on: August 02, 2012, 01:01:00 PM »

Host: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Dates: Sep 22-24, 2012
Details: 8 Rounds of CEDA/NDT + Elims.

Features:  8 prelims, 6 meals provided, BBQ, Rental car free for paperless squads (shuttle to/from airport and to/from hotel)

Friday, September 21

7:00-9:00pm Registration - Westin

Saturday, September 22nd
7:30 Shuttle Service to campus begins
8:15 Breakfast & Pairings
9:00 Round 1 Preset
11:30 Round 2 Preset
1:30 Lunch
2:30 pairings round 3
3:15 Round 3
5:30 Dinner is served
6:15 Pairings Round 4
7:00 Round 4

Sunday, September 23rd
6:45 Shuttle service to campus begins
7:30 pairings released Rounds 5 and 6
8:30 Round 5
11:15 Round 6
1:30 Lunch
2:30 Pairings round 7
3:15 Round 7
5:30 Dinner is served
6:15 Pairings Round 8
7:00 Round 8

Monday, September 24th
All elims at The Westin Crown Center
7:00am  Release Pairings
8:00am  Elims Begin
Elims Continue…..

DIVISIONS: We will be offering Open, Junior Varsity, and Novice Divisions. There will be 8 preliminary rounds in open and 6 preliminary rounds in JV/Novice. Please follow the CEDA guidelines for entering your team in the correct division. We will only collapse divisions if necessary. We will break an appropriate number of teams based on number of entries in a division.

ENTRIES: Please have your entries to me as soon as possible. Drops after Noon Monday of the tournament week will still be assessed entry fees due to food, trophy, and judging costs.

TIME LIMITS: Time limits will be 9-3-6 with 10 minutes of prep time per team.  We will enforce a decision time of 2:30 for all preliminary debates and 2:45 for elims.

JUDGING: Each school is expected to provide qualified judges to accompany their teams. You are responsible for 4 rounds of judging for every one team entered. Each person in attendance as a coach is expected to be committed for 3 rounds, if you require an exception for medical or other appropriate reasons, please email me. All judges are committed through the first FULL elim debate in open or one round past their teams’ elimination, whichever occurs last. Please do your best to hire judges if you need to as opposed to trying to hire them through us. If you do need to hire a judge, the fee will be $250.00 per uncovered team. Please give me plenty of notice if you need to hire someone. If you are bringing extra judges, let me know how many rounds they would like to be hired for. Judges MUST render a decision by marking a loser and a winner of each debate. Only one team can win and only one can lose. Judges not following this will have their ballot changed with a coin toss and have their best team’s record altered by forfeiting a win at the conclusion of prelims. If you are bringing more teams than you can cover, and are splitting your judge commitments among your coaches, it is vital that you have enough judges on elim day to cover at a minimum the number of teams you clear.

FEES: $60 per person.  

TEAMS: Teams should be comprised of two debaters from the same school or two debaters, each from a different school. All teams, including hybrids will be allowed to advance to elims and win speaker awards. UMKC debaters may participate in the tournament and advance to elim rounds.

SCOUTING:  Please have 1ac information ready at the time of registration, in the format necessary to upload to the casebook. UMKC will provide students to load this information after the start of round 2.  We will also coordinate an extensive scouting effort updating negative and affirmative information as possible.  Judges and teams are expected to cooperate and be ready to upload their information to the caselist at

TAB ROOM: The tab room will use the latest version of the CAT tabulation software and the new entry and balloting system.  Tab will use Larson’s new method of determining seeding in HH and HL rounds.

FOOD:  The tournament will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday.  There are extensive food options around the hotel as well.

AWARDS: An appropriate number of team and speaker awards will be given in each division.  As per usual we will be giving out customized bottles of delicious BBQ sauce, a KC tradition.

ELIMS: Brackets will not be broken in elimination debates.

HOTEL: UMKC Baby Jo Memorial Debate Tournament (OR copy and paste the following link into a web browser)
The rate for the hotel is $114/night for double beds.  This rate includes free internet.  All shuttling and elimination rounds will be at the hotel. Please remember that staying at the tournament hotel helps to keep costs for the tournament down.

TRANSPORTATION: This tournament can be rental car free for all paperless teams that stay at the tournament hotel.  We will offer shuttle service to and from the airport, and to and from the tournament on both days of preliminary competition.  If you would like to use this shuttle service, please email with your total number of participants and any arrival and departure flight information.  This will help us coordinate number of shuttles needed and times to make it as efficient as possible.

PARKING: I will let you know once I have a better idea on how many vehicles we are looking at.

SEXUAL HARRASSMENT/ETHICS: The CEDA statement on Sexual Harassment will be upheld. A tournament harassment committee will be appointed to deal with any issues that arise. The tournament and its participants will also adhere to CEDA Bylaws regarding the Statement on Ethical Principles.


If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call or email me. We hope to see you in September!

Matthew Vega
Director of Debate
University of Missouri – Kansas City

Malcolm Gordon
Assistant Director of Debate
University of Missouri – Kansas City
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