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Author Topic: D7 Tournament Information  (Read 1841 times)
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« on: January 17, 2013, 04:59:09 PM »

Same as what was posted on the D7 Google Group, but for others not on the group:

District 7 Qualifying Tournament Information


The rules governing the District 7 Qualifier tournament are posted on the D7 Coaches Google Group – they are the NDT District VII Rules-Revised Feb 2012.

Tournament Dates

Friday, February 22 – District meeting & registration – 2 pm, UMW Debate House (1201 William Street, Basement Lounge, UMW Campus)

Saturday, February 23 – Sunday, February 24th – Rounds 1-8. (Combs Hall, UMW Campus)


Deadline for entry: Friday, February 15. Please complete entry at In the process, please check your individual team’s “bid sheets” on to verify their accuracy. Contact person for entries/eligibility: Adrienne Brovero,

Deadline for judge waivers: Friday, February 15. For more information on judging waivers, please see Rules Section II.D. Contact person for judging: Danielle Verney-O’Gorman,

Ranking deadline: Saturday, February 16. For more information on ranking process, please see Rules Section II.H. Contact person for rankings: Mike Davis,


Tournament format: 8 rounds:

Rounds 1-4 preset rounds with single judge;
Round 5 high-high with single judge;
Round 6, high-low with single judge;
Rounds 7 & 8 high-low, with 3 judge panel adjudication.

Teams may hit a prior opponent (on the opposite side) in round 8.

In accordance with Rules Section II.G, debates shall use the format specified by the standing rules of tournament procedure for the National Debate Tournament.


Please see Rules Section II for eligibility criteria.

Reminder: Third teams are allowed to compete. If you would like a 3rd team to be eligible to qualify for the NDT through the 2nd round at-large process, you need to enter that team in the tournament. If you have already qualified two teams for the NDT, you may not enter additional teams to compete, but any additional team(s) needs to be ranked in the District ranking, as per Rules Section II.B.

Swing Team Entry

If you have a team that you would like to be eligible to be a swing team (if one is necessary), please send the Chair an email identifying that team, and enter the team on as well. This will speed up our ability to select a swing team in the event one is needed. Please see Rules Section II M regarding selection procedures for the swing team. Contact person for swing team: Mike Hall,

Judging Obligations

Judging obligation per team competing: 8 rounds.

Also, judges obligated and not used in District rounds will concurrently be part of the judging pool for the JV/novice tournament.

As a reminder, recent revisions to the rules have altered judging obligation expectations. In particular:


Judge commitments: All eligible judges are obligated for a minimum of 3 debates in rounds 1-6. All judges are obligated to be available to judge in rounds 7 & 8 unless otherwise granted dispensation by the district committee. Requests for dispensation should be made at the point of entry prior to the tournament, except in extraordinary circumstances. Information regarding those constraints will be provided to participants for preference purposes. (Section II.K.4)

This means if you have a judge who is unavailable for rounds 7 & 8 (due to travel or work, e.g.), you need to provide notice of that in your entry on To clarify, all judges are functionally obligated for a minimum of 5 rounds (three rounds in 1-6, and 2 rounds in 7 & 8 ).

District Workers:

District workers: Individuals in attendance at the district tournament who provide significant coaching to, or argument production for, any team participating in the district tournament and who meet the judge eligibility requirement are required to enter the judging pool.   If they do not meet the minimum judge requirement, the district committee may, at their discretion, place the individual in the judging pool or require them to provide a significant equivalent contribution to the tournament. (Section II.K.6)


$45 per participant.  Fees will be locked in on Monday, February 18th. Please be sure to indicate on any vegetarians/vegans in your contingent, as well as the total head count of your contingent.

$10 per squad logistics contribution fee – In light of travel constraints imposed on squads more than 4 hours away, this is intended to help offset the costs of those needing to stay until Monday. If it is not used, it will be refunded.

District 7 JV/Novice Tournament Information

Tournament Dates

Friday, February 22 – District meeting & registration – 2 pm, UMW Debate House (1201 William Street, Basement, UMW Campus)

Saturday, February 23 – Sunday, February 24th – Rounds 1-5, followed by elims. (1201 William St, Combs & Chandler Halls, UMW Campus)


Deadline for entry: Friday, February 15.


Tournament format: 5 preliminary rounds, with an appropriate number of elimination rounds.


Entries will be accepted in the novice and junior varsity division. Hybrids are eligible to clear.  The divisions will be collapsed if the size of the tournament requires such (it usually does).  There will be five preliminary rounds of debate competition on the 2012-2013 CEDA resolution and an appropriate number of elimination rounds.

Judging Obligations

Judging obligation for 1 team = 3 rounds, 2 teams = 5 rounds


$45 per participant.  Fees will be locked in on Monday, February 18h. Please be sure to indicate on any vegetarians/vegans in your contingent, as well as the total head count of your contingent.

Caselist and Scouting for the JV/Novice Division

Participating teams and schools are expected to contribute to the Wiki Caselist ( as a precondition for entry and should provide their most recent affirmative and negative information by February 15, 2013 (at the latest). This should include an outline of the arguments sufficient for novice comprehension, as well as full citations.  Teams and schools are expected to cooperate with UMW students and staff assigned to gather the material.

Both Tournament Divisions

Audio and Video Recording

All rounds (defined as the speeches of the participants) are open to registered tournament participants and may be electronically recorded for private educational use by tournament participants (registered coaches, debaters and helpers, and UMW tournament staff) only. Public distribution of such recordings is expressly prohibited unless prior written consent of all people on the recording is obtained and unless prior written consent of the University of Mary Washington is obtained. Private sharing for educational use is permitted.

Hotel Block

Wingate by Windham
20 County Road 670, Fredericksburg, VA 22406

Rate - $60 for 2 occupants, $70 for 4 occupants (plus taxes)

Contact info: All reservations need to be made by contacting the hotel directly at 540.368.8000 and providing the discounted code:  UMWD and need to be made prior to January 30th, 2013 in order to receive the block rate.

Other Hotel Options

Other options (among many relatively inexpensive options in the Fredericksburg area – you might ask if they have and will give you a UMW rate) include:

Quality Inn (D7 hotel in prior years, under new management in last 10 months)
2310 William Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Phone: 540-371-0330
Fax: 540-371-1753

WyteStone Suites
4615 Southpoint Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA  22407
Phone:  (540) 891-1112
Toll Free: (800) 794-5005
Fax: (540) 891-5465

Best Western Fredericksburg
2205 Plank Road
Fredericksburg, Virginia, 22401-5226
Phone: (540) 371-5050        
Fax: (540) 373-3496


Snacks and coffee all day, lunch each day, and a light reception after round 8.


All participants debate at the invitation of the University of Mary Washington according to its tournament rules as well as any rules of their sponsoring institutions. We abide by all rules and norms of the American Forensics Association.
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