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Author Topic: Master's of Public Affairs AND MA Arts Administration at Indiana University  (Read 3171 times)
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« on: October 09, 2013, 03:19:06 PM »

Graduating seniors, what are you doing next year? After years of policy-based research do you have an itch for doing more? Are you highly motivated in investigating and dealing with environmental, energy, governmental, or non-profit issues? Have you given thought about a professional degree focused on public affairs, public administration, or non-profit? What about arts administration? IU Debate’s unique location in the highly ranked School of Public and Environment Affairs may be a perfect new home for you!

I’m going to give you the short version first. Many people want to go to law school, but they do not want to be a lawyer, many want to go to grad school to continue their debate careers, but they don’t want to be a long-term debate coach or a teacher. If this sounds like you, an MPA or MAAA (Master's of Arts and Arts Administration) may be your best fit.

A quick definition: A SPEA MPA is a professional degree that is targeted to create students who are competitive candidates for public affairs positions in the government, energy field, think tanks, non-profit management, businesses etc. There are a total of 11 concentrations! Take a look at SPEA’s brochure here:

IF you are wondering, "what is a Master's in Arts and Arts Administration?" please go here for more information The MAAA is currently our fastest growing Master's program!

The Priority deadline: February 1st.

Future applicants go here:

Debate connection:
SPEA is one of the major backers of debate at IU. Dean of SPEA John Graham, former debater from Wake Forest, created a director of debate position in SPEA, has provided the team with space, as well as financial support for our travels. Debaters that join us in SPEA will find a warm and welcoming environment in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana.

Our grad students are invited to help with everyday management of the program, travel, as well help with community and university level outreach efforts. Our current outstanding group of MPA assistants includes Katie Frederick (MoState), John Patten (Wake/MoState Grad), and Henry Fields (Oregon). They are currently in the process of developing a capstone course for non-profit concentration students that would provide credit for building a “Debate Indy” urban debate league. If the project is a success, we will continue to seek connections with incoming MPA students and our “Debate Indy” project. Feel free to contact these graduate students for more information about their experience.

Is there funding available for students who apply? Yes and no. As a professional program, an MPA needs to be evaluated in the same vein as “law school.” While several debate programs have graduate “assistantships,” including Indiana’s lines in Communication and Culture, very few debate teams have law school tuition waivers/stipends. In the past, we have managed through dynamic revenue streams to establish a financial package that helped reduce the cost of the degree for one of our graduate assistants. Others have qualified for merit aid, scholarships and financial support due to their academic standing.

Funding support is specific to the applicant and will need to be negotiated.

I’ll stress that you should not let financial costs distract you from investigating our program. A two-year MPA has proven to be a flexible and portable degree in terms of job placement after graduation. See our job placement information here:

Describing the program:
SPEA's MPA programs are rated among the BEST in the country (1st in several categories). The MPA program has an applied focus that teaches students to address society's complex problems from an interdisciplinary perspective. Thus, students are taught by faculty members with backgrounds in political science, economics, policy analysis, management science, law, international affairs, environmental policy, and other significant public policy areas.

At the end of your second semester of your first year, during the summer break, MPA students are required to take an internship in the field of their choice. SPEA will seek out internships that fit your interests so that you can find employment in the field post-graduation. Successful completion of the MPA program can open up opportunities to work for Federal, State, and Local agencies. SPEA has alumni in the DOD, USAID, GAO, EPA and more. An extensive internship program through SPEA's office of career services will help you gain the experience and the connections needed to work for the organization of your choice.

The brochure link above as well as the, link can provide more information about our MPA program.

Our SPEA recruiters are also very helpful and fast to reply to any questions that you may have. Do not hesitate to contact the MPA office at or 812-855-2840.

Any other questions specific to the debate program or debate assistants can be directed to me or our assistants.

Brian L. DeLong
IU Director of Debate
Lecturer SPEA
SPEA #339A
Office: 812-856-7585
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SPEA has extended the priority application deadline (to automatically qualify for merit aid, including assistantships) from February 1st to February 21st:

I hope debaters who are interested in a public policy option will apply to SPEA. I have had a great experience with the program and the team (so far - check with me after CEDA/NDT  Smiley ). Please email me if you have any questions about the program - ktfred55 at gmail

Katie Frederick
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