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Author Topic: 2015 CEDA National Debate Scholars  (Read 2875 times)
Mike Davis
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« on: March 20, 2015, 07:36:40 AM »

Summa Cum Laude 3.75
Aaron Miller - Kansas
Aaron Spikol - USMA
Anna Ivanova - Miami
Anna Shah - Miami
Bennett Clifford - Wake
Braden Lefler - Wichita State
Catherine Shackleford - Weber State
Cody Crunklton - Minnesota
Colleen Mair - West Conn
David Silverman - Miami
Emma Thompson - Whitman
Greg Adler- Emory
Jackson Hendrix - James Madison
Jacob Bosley - James Madison
Jason Sigalos - Emory
Jeff Nagel - Wayne State
Kladius Maynard - Miami
Lucas Baker - Miami
Luke Montiero - James Madison
Michael Barnett - Louisville
Miranda Ehrlich - Minnesota
Natalie Bennie - Samford
Nathan Wagner - WVU
Nicole Mair - West Conn
Nina Orteza - West Virginia
Peter Chotras - ASU
Rachel Keith - James Madison
Rohit Rajan - ASU
Ryan McGovern - USMA
Sarah Beth Brooks - UNLV
Talya Slaw - Wayne State
Thayer Whalmsley - Baylor
Zachary Reshovsky - Washington
Stephanie Cone - Florida
Evan Cartagena - Florida
Christopher Williams - Rutgers
Clay Stewart - GSU

Magna Cum Laude 3.5
Abdullah Ayaz - CUNY
Ben Dean - Emory
Bernice Delgado - CSU-Fullerton
Bobby Zhan - NYU
Bradley Harris - Kansas
Carty Flora - WVU
Chris Carey - Kansas
Henry Knight - NYU
Hunter Goh - Kansas
Indranell Reddy - Louisville
Jeff Nagel - Wayne State
John Gunn - Cornell
Johnathan Barksy - Whitman
Kristine Itliong - NYU
Mark Veeder - Weber State
Mary Marcum - Wyoming
Matt Mueller - James Madison
Nick Lepp - James Madison
Nikhil Bontha - Emory
Mikaela Wefald - Kansas
Rohit Asirvatham - Minnesota
Spencer George - Miami
Tim Pollard - Washington
Heather Marchini - Florida
Amit Battla - Kansas
John Dellamore - New York University
Arneal Paulo - Vanderbilt

Cum Laude 3.25
Andrew Durand - Whitman
Bria Frame - Wyoming
Charlotte Boettcher - Western Connecticut
D'Sarah Lattimore - Louisville
Ellie Miller - JMU
Gabriela Gonzalez - CSU-Fullerton
Haley Barnes - Wayne State
Hannah Shoell - Weber State
Jared Nelson - Kansas
John Fritz - Wyoming
Lauren Hauck - Whitman
Megan Mapes - Kansas
Melissa Cavell - Miami
Misty Tippets - Weber State
Peter Brundage - Wayne State
Raul Ruano - CSU-Fullerton
Rhonda Haidar - Wayne State
Samatha Perez - James Madison
Sean Duff - Kansas
Young Kwon - George Mason
Zach Cosner - Miami
Zach Rich - Wayne State
Jayleesa Hampton - Kansas
Robert Mitchell - Vanderbilt

Hon. Mention 3.0
Barbara Poudzius - Miami
Carly Evans - Baylor
Ciera Foreman - Kansas
Garrett Haney - CSU-Fullerton
Hadassah Yisrael - CUNY
Hannah Call - George Mason
Hunter McFarland - Wyoming
Jyleesa Hampton - Kansas
Kevin Whitley - Towson
Korey Johnson - Towson
Mariella Garcia - CSU-Fullerton
Alex Velto - UNLV
Benjamin Soper - Weber
Christian Ogata - UNLV
Amit Bigli - Vanderbilt

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« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2015, 09:57:15 AM »

I just did a little browsing, and see that the average grade for college students attending public schools is now a little over 3.0 and for students at private schools it is over 3.2.   That is up from about 2.5 in the 1950s.  My source for that has a last name and a publication year in this century, so it qualifies as debate evidence.  Those averages include students that flunked out (been there, done that), so the average grades of those who continue to "matriculate" must be somewhat higher, and who eventually graduate, even higher than that.

CEDA is now giving Scholar Honorable Mention recognition to below average students, and surely many of the 3.25 GPA Cum Laude students at private schools will be in the lower half of their graduating class.  The bus to Lake Wobegon will be leaving on schedule.
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Dover (New Hampshire) High School debate team, 1967-1970
Dover High School Debate Coach, 1970-1971
University of New Hampshire debate team, 1970 (when we still spoke like human beings)
University of New Hampshire debate team, 1980-1981 (and when we didn't)
UNH assistant debate coach, 1980-1981
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