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Author Topic: Shirley Announcements 11/9  (Read 1252 times)
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« on: November 09, 2015, 02:35:06 PM »

-        GRAD SCHOOL FAIR – Seniors, do you know what you are doing next year?  When is it? Saturday during Lunch Time On the 2nd floor of Carswell Hall in the old Law Library. We will have stations available Graduate Programs to meet and greet perspective graduate students. Directors and coaches please feel free to bring materials to hand out and please email if your school will have a representative.
-        WAKE GRAD DISCUSSION – Will happen Saturday at 10 PM; because of tournament hosting obligations we will not be at the Fair. Jarrod and Justin will arrive around 9:45 PM . We aim to talk for 30 minutes or so about the Wake Program. Snacks will be available.  Please find us if you cannot attend, but would like to indicate interest.
-        OPT-IN: We will use an opt-in judging system that insures proportional representation in each out-round for black and non-cis/non-dude judges.  We will strive to offer proportional representation based on those who opt-in.  Opt-in is necessary for the system to truly reflect the judging pool.  It is highly likely that as the tournament progresses, some teams may get lower preference in order to facilitate this system.  You may either directly email to opt in OR have someone at registration opt-in after explicitly asking them to do so.
-        REGISTRATION: We will have registration from 6-9 PM and would like to say hello and shake your hand.  But if you are unable to make it, please email (, text or call Justin (703-855-6177) to confirm arrival.  Money issues can be taken care of during rounds 1 or 2 at the main lobby in Carswell Hall.  Cash, Check and Credit Card Accepted at registration.  Please make checks payable to “Wake Debate”.  We also understand the nature of direct billing and invoices if payment at a later date is needed.
-       SCOUTING – We are going to do a lot of it during the Shirley and post it.  Our goal between now and then is to fill in the holes on scouting using help from the community.  We expect EVERYONE who has not directly contacted the tournament to have up a 1ac and 2ac to major arguments on the aff.  For the neg, major 1nc positions and a list of previous 2nr’s.  If you are debating as a new team, create a new wiki page.  If you have intel but would not like to post it yourself, please backchannel  Sometimes the most helpful intel is not found in cards, but in notes about how the debate progressed.  Our Day 1 focus will be on those who have reported poorly.  Our Day 2 focus will be on those who are doing well in the tournament.
--       D6 MEETING during Round 3 – If you are a coach in District 6 and would like the round off, please email and -       
-        QUIET ROOM will be in Carswell 106.
-        NON_ROOM MOVEMENT – If you need it, please email and  if not done so already.
-        POKER TOURNAMENT will happen on Monday. All of the proceeds will go to the Vince Binder Scholarship fund. Cash and Credit Cards both accepted.
-        COACH OF THE YEAR will happen on Saturday Night during dinner. We hope that you all will join us outside the white tent on the quad to listen to a couple of acceptance speeches.
-        FRIDAY NIGHT SNACKS – During registration we will have a number of snacks available for those interested.  I don’t think it can suffice as dinner, but especially good for those programs that eat early.  There is also a possible public debate to be held during this time.
-        VIDEO STREAMING – We strongly encourage all debaters to consider allowing their debates to be streamed. Ricardo Saenz will have up to four debates for those following back home. We very strongly hope that teams who debate in smaller competition rooms for doubles, will consider having debates streamed so that their rooms will be less crowded.
-        VIDEO RECORDING – North Carolina is a one-party consent state. We think this means that as long as someone is present, they may record a conversation. Like issues of clipping, the tournament administration wishes for individuals involved to resolve any conflicts.
-        SPEAKER POINTS, not double-z scores will be used for Speaker Awards and for seeding purposes.  This is a change from the original invite. ELIMS/Speaker Points: Top 32 teams clear on basis of wins, hi-low points, total points, double-high low, z-score, opp wins, ranks, random number. Brackets broken in elims. Side equalization procedure used for elims.  Speaker Awards will be determined using hi-low points, total points, double-high low points, z-score, ranks, wins, opp wins, random number. 
-        A suggested SPEAKER POINT SCALE will be distributed later in the week.
-        A list of GENDER NEUTRAL RESTROOMS in the competition buildings:
o   Carswell – 324, 324, and 1st floor Faculty Room across from 117
o   Manchester – 3rd
o   Tribble - C118C, B118A, C218C, B218B, C318B, B318B
o   Reynolds Gym – 202C

See you soon in Winston!
Justin Green on behalf of Wake Debate
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