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Author Topic: 2016 Arizona Debate Institute open for registration  (Read 1937 times)
Adam Symonds
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« on: May 02, 2016, 09:56:23 AM »

Greetings all,

We've opened up registration for this year's ADI. Both the Registration and Payment links on our website will direct you to the RegOnline site.

For this year's ADI, we've implemented a new format, where students will have a practice debate and re-dos every day. Labs will also prioritize updating the evidence set throughout the institute to adapt to holes and various problems we find through the practice debates. The goal is to make the labs work like streamlined team work sessions.

In addition, we have re-structured the institute into two one room schoolhouses (policy and K), where each lab will serve the whole range of experience levels. We have curriculum designed for both beginning and advanced students within each lab and we'll "powermatch" the practice rounds by experience and skill levels so that students get the most out of each round.

The goal of these changes is to get even more hands on, practical, skills work time for each student with the lab leaders and fellows. Our hope is that having a debate each day also allows lab time to function as discussion space about a variety of different theoretical debate concepts that can be made concrete by arguments students see each day in the debates.

We've also cut the rate of attendance by $100 across the board for students in residence (commuter rate remains $500). This means that the Early Bird rate (students registered with a deposit before June 1) is $750 for 2 weeks of residence and instruction. Any school with 4 or more students receives an additional $50 discount off each student registration.

Why attend the ADI? One.... get a jump on topic research and debates. There's really no substitute for debating the topic in preparation for your first tournament of the year. We'll have at least 15 debates for every student... that's the equivalent of 2.5 tournaments before you even head back to your squad's beginning prep for the year.

Two..... community. Ask your directors and coaches where they met some of their oldest friends in the debate community and many of them will tell you it was the Arizona Debate Institute. This is a great, low pressure environment to both work on the topic and get to know folks from all over the country that you may otherwise only ever cross paths with in a single debate round. Year after year, we see strong friendships made that persist for the rest of students careers.

Three..... quality of instruction. The faculty at the ADI have coached more late elim participants at majors and nationals than we can really count. We have well over 100 years coaching experience across our staff. Whether your jam is politics, deterrence, Wilderson, or Baudrillard the folks on our staff have read, judged, coached, and debated these arguments for a long time. In the contemporary debate era, being well-read in critical literature beyond traditional policy wonk circles is crucial. With Steve Pointer, Izak Dunn, and Dr. Dave on board, if it's a debate argument you can bet the faculty knows the source material inside and out.

Fourth..... record of success. The past accomplishments of ADI debaters is way too long to attempt in a paragraph, but CEDA titles, NDT titles, first rounds, regional tournament championships, success in novice and JV.... you name it, ADI alumni have done it. Whatever your goals in debate, the intense focus on debate at our institute will help you achieve them. Don't believe us? Just talk to your friends that have attended.

Fifth..... you can become a popular celebrity by winning debate survivor in the heat of Tempe! Probably not, but Tempe is pretty awesome despite the heat in July/August. Outside of the Berkeley campus, you won't find a better set of places to eat surrounding a college campus. There's tons and tons of food from Middle Eastern to Italian to Mexican to Irish and on and on. There are few better places in the country to be a college student.

We hope that you'll check us out!
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