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CEDA Summer Business Meeting Summary
« on: June 10, 2019, 07:57:29 AM »
Attached are the minutes of the meeting but I will highlight a few things:

2020 CEDA Nats - 2020 CEDA Nationals will be at West Virginia University on April 4-7, with April 3 being the day of registration and the opening ceremony. Mark your calendars and we hope to see you there! WVU's bid is attached. More info forthcoming.

Tabroom Fee - The Tabroom Fee has now been rolled into CEDA Dues. You will not pay them separately. The price of the fee and dues together has not changed, but dues are still on a graduated schedule.

Awards Amendment - There was a previous Awards Amendment that was voted to get on the ballot but has never been put on the ballot. It will be on the ballot with the resolutions.

Novice Eligibility Amendment - At the Business Meeting, a Novice Eligibility Amendment was voted to get on the ballot. It will also be on the ballot with the resolutions.

Committees - CEDA is trying to fill its Committees for 2019-20. If you are interested in being on a Committee, please let me know. Committees seeking members:
Program Development
Public Relations
Research Committee

Nominations - The following positions are up for election this year and require nominations. Nominations are typically due around the November Business Meeting at NCA:
Second Vice President (who then becomes Vice President and President)
Recording Secretary
Regional Reps: Northeast, Mid Atlantic, North Central & South Central
Topic Reps: Topic Committee Rep, Graduate Student Rep to Topic Committee, Undergraduate Student Rep to the Topic Committee

Next Business Meeting - The next CEDA Business Meeting will be at NCA in Baltimore from November 14-17. The exact time and date of the Business Meeting will be announced once the NCA program is finalized.

Topic Announcement - As per the Constitution, the winning resolution will be announced the third Friday in July - July 19.

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