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University of Wyoming Online JV/Novice Tournament
« on: June 28, 2019, 11:50:30 AM »
The University of Wyoming will host an online JV/novice tournament October 25th-27th 2019. This tournament is a pilot project for exploring ways to supplement the JV/novice schedule in the Mountain West, but I hope you’ll consider sending teams no matter where you’re located. Six prelims and an appropriate number of elimination rounds. Our tournament will exactly mirror the schedule of a traditional tournament, except debaters will look at and speak to the judge and their opponents through a webcam.

Here's the elevator pitch: no plane tickets, no hotel expenses, no rental cars. Trophies, however, will be real and will be shipped to their winners. The tournament is sanctioned by CEDA. Most important: rounds and experience for your debaters that doesn't trade-off with other tournaments.

We don't want digital to replace the face-to-face benefits of travel, and don't think it ever could or would-- but it might be a good supplement for those with geographic or financial barriers to travel. In fact, we’ve had both several schools that don’t usually travel JV/novice debaters and several schools that previously left policy for alternative formats express interest. The novice division will use the ADA packet- that’s been essential to our pitch of lowering entry barriers to schools that left policy for NFA-LD and parli.

Digital also offers some unique benefits: because it's so much easier to drop in for one or two rounds when you don't have to give up your entire weekend flying across the country, I'm optimistic about creating a judging pool full of folks that will give amazing feedback for novice and JV debate. This same advantage means a whole new way to connect with alumni.

Given that this is a relatively new phenomenon for CPD, for those who are curious a longer rationale and response to potential concerns is included in the invite.

Feel free to add a TBD slot on tabroom if you think your team will attend!