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Wyo Online Exit Survey
« on: November 05, 2019, 10:52:39 AM »
I’ve uploaded the exit survey results to a Dropbox I’ve linked at the end of this post. I included both a PDF for the casual viewer and a CSV of the raw data. I’m not much of data person but if there’s anything else I can make available that folks want let me know. At some point, hopefully soon, I’ll consolidate the instructions we provided participants and the feedback we received into a best practices document for online debate. If anyone would like that sooner rather than later, let me know.

The tournament had some hiccups at first but I feel like by round 3 we were running smoothly. 42 debaters attended the tournament and 67 rounds were held. Roughly, I think that the exit survey data supports that the online tournament was a very useful way to get debaters rounds, experience, and feedback on the cheap (based on my number crunching, a school paid about $10/round at the Wyo Online. In comparison, Wyoming spent about $184/round at GSU). However, it also supports the idea that online debate should be a supplement, not a replacement.

A few important thank yous:

Lauren Johnson did everything. She judged six rounds, she helped administer the tournament, she coached, she filled gaps. She’s invaluable and you should be trying to recruit her into your PhD programs.

Our varsity debaters stepped up as student coaches. They ran the show this weekend and our successes were because of them. Riley Talamantes in particular stepped up and identified and filled gaps before I realized they were there. You should be trying to recruit her for your graduate programs in 2021-22.

Nick Ryan ran the tab room and put up with incessant – absolutely incessant – questions from me. Natalie Stolarski did the room creation on Yaatly, the tech troubleshooting, and generally kept the wheels turning. Could not have done it without them.

A massive thank you to our volunteer judges. Just some fun trivia here: as of round 4, Wyoming MR hadn’t been judged by someone who wasn't in the finals of CEDA or the NDT. In round 4, Wyoming as a whole was judged by a CEDA finalist, a CEDA champion, and an NDT finalist. None of our teams were judged by an ADA champion, a CEDA champion, and an NDT champion, but all of our teams were judged by 2 out of the 3. None of this is to say that that’s the be-all-end-all of judging, but I think it’s demonstrative that remote judging has some interesting potential.

Thank you to Jordan Foley and Allison Harper who helped me figure out how to do the exit survey. The first draft was atrocious, any faults remain my own.

Most of all, thank you to the schools that didn’t have to come, that didn’t benefit from this nearly as much as we did. Many of you have your choice of tournaments to attend, but your decision to attend our tournament helped give our debaters rounds and experience they quite simply couldn’t get otherwise.

Dropbox link: