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Alliances Topic Committee Working Groups
« on: May 14, 2020, 09:19:57 AM »
The Topic Committee will be meeting, via Zoom, Friday May 29-Sunday May 31. I will provide access information once the precise schedule for both the CEDA Business Meeting (Thursday, May 28) and the Topic Committee Meeting is finalized.

In preparation for the meeting, the Committee has tasked three working groups with refining the research conducted by the area paper authors. These working groups will address:
•   Aff / Neg Scope & Viability
•   Resolutional Objects (“defense pacts”, “alliance commitments”, lists, etc.)
•   Verb Options (“withdrawal”, “limit the conditions”, limit v. reduce, etc.)

We need volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, please contact me. In my experience, this type of work can both play a vital role in shaping the eventual resolution slate and provide insight into the principles and tradeoffs that guide a topic writing process.