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Author Topic: 55th Annual Pflaum Debates Invite  (Read 2539 times)
Samuel Maurer
Posts: 38

« on: August 12, 2010, 12:04:56 PM »


*Challenge Matching is back in Open Out-rounds – Instead of a traditional bracket, open out-rounds will be paired via Challenge Match.  Last year, it was a tremendous success.  It didn't slow-down the tournament at all and, for the most part, didn't create that much bracket skew (I think the greatest skew was a team challenged someone who was 5 seeds above the team they would have normally debated).  If anyone has any ideas for changes to the rules or procedures, please start another post on the emporia forum about it and we can consider making some changes.

*Alternate Use Time – Instead of 10 minutes of prep time and 2 Cross-ex’s, each team will have 16 minutes of alternate use time.

*Increased entry fees – ESU provide excellent trophies (the kind you can take home to your administration, not some meaningless trinket that has no business being photographed for a press-release).   We hire outside judges on our own to increase the quality of judging in the pool.  We provide good food.  All of this means that we’ve run our tournament budget into the red in recent years and need to increase our fees.  We hope you will understand and notice that our fees are pretty much average for a tournament of our size anymore ($95).  If this cost has crossed a threshold that will make the tournament impossible for you to attend, please let me know.  We would rather have you come to our tournament at a discount than stay home.

*Guesthouse Inn Again – I know some folks had problems last year getting registered.  Honestly, I think we are the biggest contract they do of the year.  I’ve spoken with the GM and he has assured me there will be no problem getting rooms.  The name of the block is “Emporia Debate”.  If you have ANY problems, let me know immediately and we can get you fixed-up.  Block rate is $69/night + tax.

*Ask me about transport from Kansas City International or Wichita – we make this offer every year and thus far, no one has taken us up on it.  We can provide free transportation from one of those airports if non-regional teams would like to attend our tournament.  The Pflaum is a district 3 throw-down that offers a unique tournament experience unlike any other in the country.  

*No Novice Division Initially – I support novice debate and think watching someone come in with no previous experience and having them develop is one of the greatest feelings one can have as a coach.  And it is for that reason we will not be offering a novice division, at least initially, this year.  In the past few years, we’ve tried to have a novice division that didn’t make and was collapsed into JV.  I think this is a terrifying experience for novices and feel terrible every year I do it.  Thus, if you have novices that you would like to bring, let me know by October 8th how many teams you could field.  If I get enough interest that I’m fairly sure the novice division will make, I’ll create it.  If you have novices that you really want to travel, put them in the JV division since that’s seems to be what happens anyway.  Pending the number of teams that are eligible, we will also have a novice break-out.

Dear Community,

 On behalf of Emporia State University, the Department of Communication and
Theatre, and Hornet Debate, it is my privilege to invite you to the
55th Annual George R. R. Pflaum Debate Tournament in Emporia, KS. The
tournament will be held October 16th-18th, 2010 with
Registration at one of the tournament hotels, Holiday Inn Express, on
October 15th.

 We are pleased to be offering 6 rounds of debate in Open and Junior Varsity.
We know many prefer an 8 round format, however, we
believe that a 6 round format encourages wellness (and sleep). Final round
schedule will depend on entries and facilities. We will make every effort
to keep divisions separate, but again, divisions are entry dependent.
A final schedule will follow closer to the tournament date.

 We believe we offer a fine slate of competition in the Midwest tradition,
as well as great hospitality, as some of you who have been here before can
attest. We will continue that hospitality and then some.

 We do hope you will join us here in October to help celebrate our


Sam Maurer
Director of Debate
(620) 341-5705 office
(509) 270-1507 cell

James Taylor
Assistant Director of Debate


TOURNAMENT HOTELS – Tournament hotels – We have block reservations made at the Guesthouse Inn.  DO NOT SMOKE IN ROOMS.  They will charge you a ridiculous amount of money.
All blocks close on October 8th.  Please make sure to make your reservations in a timely manner.  As mentioned before, we’re trying to encourage people to stay in the Guesthouse Inn as the central tournament hotel (but we will deliver pairings in the morning to all three).  The rate for the Guesthouse is $69 a night plus tax.

The Guesthouse Inn - 2700 W 18th Ave Emporia, KS 66801 (620) 341-9199

Other nearby relatively cheap hotels where we don’t have a block rate:
The Holiday Inn Express - 2921 W 18th Avenue (620) 341-9393

The Candlewood Suites - 2602 CANDLEWOOD DRIVE (620)-343-7756

NOTE: If the block fills-up at both hotels, please let me know and I
can speak with the managers about getting more rooms at the block


TRANSPORTATION: Emporia is located at the major highway junction of I-335
and I-35. Those of you driving will have little trouble finding the
University or the hotel, as both are located within two blocks of
I-35. For those of you flying, the Emporia airport does have shuttle
service to KCI, but you will find flying into Kansas City
International Airport the cheapest option.  If notified in advance,
ESU can provide transportation for teams flying into KCI free of cost.
 We would like to see more regional diversity at our tournament so we
will provide this service free of cost.  Please let us know ASAP if
you want a lift.

GUIDELINES: The Pflaum will abide by all relevant CEDA guidelines on sexual
harassment and debater eligibility.

TOPIC: We will use the 2010-11 CEDA/NDT topic.

TIMES: 9-3-6 with 16 minutes of alternate use time.

DIVISIONS: We will offer Junior Varsity and Open levels of
competition, eligibility by CEDA guidelines. We reserve the right to collapse
divisions if entries warrant. We will try to preserve novice as a primary

AWARDS: will be awarded to the top 10 speakers in all divisions that
warrant, more if the numbers are there, less if not. Suitable awards will
be given to all out round participants.

SMOKING: ESU is a minimal smoking campus, smoking is allowed 25ft away
from buildings, we ask your help in enforcing this policy as well as
being aware of the mess smoking creates outside of buildings.

ELIMINATION ROUNDS: Will be held as per the CEDA formula, we anticipate at
least quarters in all divisions, octos in open.  If teams are forced
to go maverick because of extenuating circumstances, they will be
allowed to debate but not to clear.

ENTRY FEES: $95 per policy team.

JUDGING GUIDELINES: Each team is expected to provide one qualified judge
for every two teams entered. One team will equal a half commitment (3
rounds). Fees for uncovered teams will be $100, of course we would rather
have your judges than your money. We reserve the right to limit entries
based on available judges from any school. We do not have any judges
available locally for hire at this time (except JT who might be spoken for
already). We encourage you to post to edebate to get folks to come out of
the woodwork. If you have judges for hire, please let us know ASAP, and we
will get them hooked up with folks. Each judge is expected to render a
decision before the start time of the next round, in a timely manner, with

If you would like to hire judges through the tournament (e.g. you pay
us, we pay the judge, what you pay the judge goes on your receipt) let
me know and we can make arrangements.

ENTRIES: We support the Brushke site, and entry ability should be up this
evening. Deadline for Entries is Wednesday, January 9th, please send them
in early so we can plan food.

Get your entries in ASAP.


Friday, October 15th
7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Registration, Holiday Inn Express (pairings may be released
at 10 p.m. or so for 1 and 2)

Saturday, October 16th
8 a.m. Pairing released (Holiday Inn Express, if not Friday)

9 a.m. ROUND ONE (Preset)

11:30 LUNCH (Lakeview cafeteria)

1 p.m. ROUND TWO (Preset)

4 p.m. ROUND THREE (Powered)

Sunday, October 17th
8 a.m. Pairings released (Holiday Inn Express)

9 a.m. ROUND FOUR (Powered)

11:30 LUNCH (Skyline cafeteria)

1 p.m. ROUND FIVE (Powered)

4 p.m. ROUND SIX (Powered)

7 p.m. Partials if necessary – Seeding Released

Monday, October 18th
7:30 a.m. Pairing released for all except Open

7:45 a.m. Challenge Pairing and Coin Flips on Campus in the MU Ballroom

9:00 a.m. Elim Round I

10:30 or ASAP Awards Assembly.

ASAP - remaining Elim rounds.
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