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Title: NJDDT Results and Awards
Post by: TerriEasley on March 16, 2011, 02:48:09 PM
Thanks to everyone that came and participated in the 36th annual NJDDT.  I think it was the best yet (at least during my time).  I was fortunate to spend my last debate tournament with so many dear friends.

In addition to the Dick Stine Award, we also gave out several individual awards:

Dick Stine Award for Excellence in JV/Novice Coaching – Skip Eno of UTSA

Novice of the Year:  Brittany Levignston of SMU

Newcomers of the Year:  Jeff Bess and John Block of Missouri State

JV Debater of the Year:  Jeremy David of JCCC

Sophmore Debater of the year:  Melanie Campbell of KU

Team of the Year:  Nic Irick and Amanda Ramirez of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Graduate Coach of the Year:  Kelly Winfrey of KU

Squad of the Year:  Kansas State University

Top 5 – Novice
5- Pharra McDonald – OU
4-Ben Bajda – Augie
3-Alex Calderwood – OU
2-Mason Broxham – Augie
1 – Hillary St. John, ISU

Top 15 – JV
15-Peter Sadowski – UMKC
14- Amy Pauli – Wyoming
13-Rashid Campbell – OU
12-Drew Bonnet – KU
11-Thomas Casady – UNI
10- Mark Schmitz – KU
9-Amy Schade – UNT
8-John Block – Missouri State
7-Tom Garvey – Wichita
6-Jeff Bess – Missouri State
5-Dominique Baker – OU
4-Kristyn Russell – KCKCC
3-Melanie Campbell – KU
2-Colin Quinn – UNT
1-Allie Chase – UNI


Partial Quarters
Augie BT defeated OU CM

Augie BE over Augie BT
Oshkosh defeated Illinois State CS

Oshkosh defeatd Augie BE


JV Division

Partial Doubles:

Wyoming FP over Wyoming BB
Minnesota CM defeated UMKC DW
JCCC DK defeated Wichita DS
UNT FW defeated George Washington/JCCC CT

Wichita GJ defeats Concordia BW
UNT SQ defeated JCCC DK
Wyoming FP defeated KCKCC MR
OU CB defeated KU CJ
UNT CC defeated Minnesota CM
Missouri State BB defeated UNT FW
Minnesota AS defeated UNT OC
UMKC MS defeated KU BS

OU CB defeated Mo State BB
UNI CC defeats Minnesota AS
UNT SQ defeats Wichita GJ
UMKC MS defeats Wyoming FP

OU CB defeats UNI CC
UNT SQ defeats UMKC MS

UNT SQ defeats OU CB on a 2-1, *Easley, Thomas, Stanley