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Title: 2012 Baby Jo Memorial Tournament
Post by: Vega on December 15, 2011, 10:56:58 PM
We are happy to invite you to the 2012 Baby Jo Memorial Tournament at The University of Missouri - Kansas City.  Please enter and make reservations soon. The hotel block closes in just a few weeks.  We provide lots of meals, shuttle from the airport, and a great tournament hotel close to campus. See the details below.

Host: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Dates: January 28-30, 2012
Details: 7 Rounds of CEDA/NDT + Elims. $100 entry fee. Gates BBQ.

Friday, January 27th

7:00-8:00pm Registration – Marriott

Saturday, January 28th
8:15am Breakfast & Pairings
9:00am Round 1 Preset
11:00am Round 2 Preset
1:00pm Lunch
2:00 pairings round 3
2:30 Round 3 HH
4:45 pairings round 4
5:15 round 4 HL

Sunday, January 29th
8:00am Rounds 5 Pairings – Breakfast Royall Hall
8:45am Round 5 HL
11:00am Round 6 Pairings
11:30pm Round 6
2:15pm Pairings Round 7
3:00pm Round 7
5:30pm Dinner/Awards – Royall Hall
7:00pm First elim

Monday, January 30th
All elims at Marriott
8:00am   Release Pairings
8:45am   Elims Begin
Elims Continue…..

DIVISIONS: We will be offering Open, Junior Varsity, and Novice Divisions. Please follow the CEDA guidelines for entering your team in the correct division. We will only collapse divisions if necessary. We will break an appropriate number of teams based on number of entries in a division. We need to have the first large elim at the school on Sunday night.

ENTRIES: Please have your entries to me as soon as possible. Drops after Noon Wednesday of the tournament week will still be assessed entry fees due to food, trophy, and judging costs.

TIME LIMITS: Time limits will be 9-3-6 with 10 minutes of prep time per team.

JUDGING: Each school is expected to provide qualified judges to accompany their teams. You are responsible for 4 rounds of judging for every one team entered, or 7 rounds for each 2 teams. Each person in attendance as a coach is expected to be committed for 3 rounds, if you require an exception for medical or other appropriate reasons, please email me. All judges are committed through the first FULL elim debate or one round past their teams’ elimination, whichever occurs last. Please do your best to hire judges if you need to as opposed to trying to hire them through us. If you do need to hire a judge, the fee will be $250.00 per uncovered team. Please give me plenty of notice if you need to hire someone. If you are bringing extra judges, let me know how many rounds they would like to be hired for. Judges MUST render a decision by marking a loser and a winner of each debate. Only one team can win and only one can lose. Judges not following this will have their ballot changed with a coin toss and have their best team’s record altered by forfeiting a win at the conclusion of prelims. We plan on using some sort of judge preference system in each division depending on entries and availability. If you are bringing more teams than you can cover, and are splitting your judge commitments among your coaches, it is vital that you have enough judges on elim day to cover at a minimum the number of teams you clear.

FEES: The registration fee will be $100.00 per team entered. We will provide Breakfast & Lunch on Saturday, and breakfast, Lunch & Dinner on Sunday.

TEAMS: Teams should be comprised of two debaters from the same school or two debaters, each from a different school. All teams, including hybrids will be allowed to advance to elims and win speaker awards. UMKC debaters may participate in the tournament and advance to elim rounds.

TAB ROOM: The tab room will be administered by Malcolm Gordon & Jeff Jarman. No decision regarding any team participating in the tournament will be made in the tab room solely by coaches associated with that team.

AWARDS: An appropriate number of team and speaker awards will be given in each division.

Elims: Brackets will not be broken in elimination debates.

HOTEL INFO: The hotel is the Kansas City Marriott – Country Club Plaza – Group Code “kafkafa” ( The block rate is $104, and includes wireless internet. Please use the block. While you might be able to find a slightly cheaper rate at another hotel close by, please remember that the tournament’s ability to function requires that we receive discounts on elim day conference rooms.
Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza

TRANSPORTATION: If you are flying in to KCI and need a shuttle to the hotel,
please let me know immediately. We will shuttle any paperless teams and coaches for free. Alternatives include Super Shuttle, You will not need a vehicle once you are at the hotel.

PARKING: I will let you know once I have a better idea on how many vehicles we are looking at.

SEXUAL HARRASSMENT/ETHICS: The CEDA statement on Sexual Harassment will be upheld. A tournament harassment committee will be appointed to deal with any issues that arise. The tournament and its participants will also adhere to CEDA Bylaws regarding the Statement on Ethical Principles.

ENTERING THE TOURNAMENT: Entry on the Bruschke website (

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call or email me. We hope to see you in January!

Matthew Vega
Director of Debate
University of Missouri – Kansas City

Malcolm Gordon
Assistant Director of Debate
University of Missouri – Kansas City