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Title: Ithaca Tournament Invite
Post by: stables on January 14, 2010, 05:48:31 PM
This is reposted from Scott. The item is also posted in the NE thread.

Maybe this will pop up twice --

Ithaca College is hosting a tournament in place of Cornell this year. The tournament will be held on Jan 30-31.  We have nice facilities and hope to be very hospitable hosts.

The tournament will have Novice and JV CEDA, Worlds, and Public Forum (on Sunday).  The invite can be found here -

I am learning how to turn on the entry feature at debateresults and have made the relevant requests for the tournament to be CEDA sanctioned.

I also am trying to post the invite in the relevant section here - but I can't figure that out.

Feel free to get in touch - 607-274-3670.