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Title: 2010 NDT First Rounds
Post by: todonnel on February 15, 2010, 02:13:47 PM
From Dr. Fritch:

The following teams have received First Round At-Large Bids to the 2010 National Debate Tournament.


California Brockaway/Jaswa
Emory Inamullah/Weil
Georgia Cambre/Lacy
Harvard Jacobs/Parkinson
Kansas Kennedy/Quigley
Kansas Kennedy/Stone
Mary Washington Kallmyer/Susko
Michigan State Lanning/Wunderlich
Missouri State Foley/Kearney
Northwestern Fisher/Spies
Oklahoma Giglio/Watts
Texas-Dallas Baker/Rubaie
Wake Forest Carlotti/Maza
Wake Forest Crichton/Sears
West Georgia Boykin/Schultz
Whitman Cohn/Straus