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Title: NDT 2014 Subscriptions & Hotel Information
Post by: dleek on December 20, 2013, 04:31:40 PM
This is a reminder that schools must be registered as a subscriber to the National Debate Tournament in order to qualify for the NDT tournament. Subscription fees can be paid online through January 15, 2014 ( (

If you anticipate competing at the NDT tournament, details for hotel reservations are now available online: ( (

Additional tournament information will be posted on the NDT website:

Title: Re: NDT 2014 Subscriptions & Hotel Information
Post by: BrianDeLong on December 20, 2013, 10:33:28 PM
NDT and Wednesday March 26th rooms:
The Indiana Memorial Union will not be the tournament hotel for CEDA Nationals. An annual conference has precedence over our one-time event and unfortunately they will spill over into Wednesday night. This has left us with a smaller allotment of rooms Wednesday night than we would have liked. The IMU has assured me that if the other block releases rooms we are the first to absorb them. We will not know of room releases for a little while. I am going to work with the IMU to create a list of teams who register for the NDT block first. Those teams will be offered the expanded block if they wish, then the next team will be offered, and so on and so forth.

I would highly suggest that NDT teams who wish to arrive early think about a temporary one-day hotel stay at the CEDA hotel or another hotel in Bloomington. The CEDA hotel should have availability Wednesday night.

CEDA → NDT Teams: The CEDA hotel (information to be released soon) will have limited available space from Friday-Monday of the NDT. CEDA teams who stay at the CEDA tournament hotel should plan to move from that hotel to the NDT tournament hotel on Thursday the 27th. The IU debate team will provide assistance for all teams who may need help transitioning.

A2 “Why not just stay at a consistent hotel elsewhere?”
1) Cost and quality: The tournament block rates are lower than comparative rated hotels Bloomington.

2) Convenience: The IMU provides free parking on campus, is in the same building as the big room, Friday’s debates, and Monday’s elimination debates. It has high quality Internet and is just a joy to stay in. Given the IMU’s location on campus, I don’t think you’ll find a better option for internet usage than the Biddle hotel.
Title: Re: NDT 2014 Subscriptions & Hotel Information
Post by: BrianDeLong on December 21, 2013, 02:00:16 PM
The IMU block has the following number of rooms remaining: 40 singles, 4 kings, 3 sweets. Singles are not rooms that can be expanded beyond one person. Rollaways are not an option.

If you are a coach who will be staying alone, please, please, please use the single rooms to allow for more teams in the IMU. If you will be releasing doubles there are already teams who are interested in absorbing them.

The invite provides  plenty of nice alternative hotel options. The Courtyard (6 blocks from campus) can be a first option, they are providing rates at $109.00.

I do have 10 king rooms with a rollaway in a B&B for $119.00 (typical rate is $159+) that is only 2 small blocks from the IMU. They have Wifi, breakfast etc. You can avoid parking charges by just walking over to the big room in the morning. Contact me if you're interested.
Title: Re: NDT 2014 Subscriptions & Hotel Information
Post by: BrianDeLong on January 13, 2014, 03:57:08 PM
NDT Hotel Update:

I have set up an overflow hotel block of 30 rooms at the SpringHill Suites Marriott for $109.00 a night. The hotel is currently under construction and will be open for business in February 2014. The location is downtown, about 12 blocks away from the IMU. There are lots of restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping opportunity amenities located downtown.

SpringHill Suites Bloomington
501 N College Ave
Bloomington, IN 47404
Phone:  1-812-337-7772
Fax:  1-812-337-7747

You can secure rooms by clicking on the link below.