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Title: kdebate 1- New essay and Call for Papers / Editorial Board
Post by: mcmc on February 27, 2014, 09:32:09 AM
The inaugural issue of kdebate has been a long time in the making. While the pressures of the debate schedule and academic life have delayed the completion of the first issue, we are now happy to announce that kdebate has officially entered into publication. Please check out the first issue of kdebate ( ) including my new essay on the pedagogical value of original interviews for debate research ( )

Call for Papers -
We are excited about the great essays and original interviews involved in the first issue, and are ready to begin work on kdebate’s second issue.
We would like to encourage debaters, graduate students, coaches, or anyone interested in and involved with the activity of debate at all levels, to submit original essays and original interviews for publication. Kdebate is dedicated towards expanding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student research, co-authorship with faculty, and collaborative scholarship. We are also interested in publishing alternative and transmediated forms of scholarship including 1AC’s, performances, poems, narratives, videos, songs, etc…  We encourage submissions interrogating and drawing from a broad range of interdisciplinary fields of study, including but not limited to: cultural studies, Marxism/(post-)Marxism, feminism, gender/sexuality studies, critical race theory, blackness studies, whiteness studies,  Latin@ criticism, queer theory, identity politics, LGBTQI studies, disability/ableism studies, coloniality/post-colonialism, psychoanalysis, affect theory, critical animal studies, ecophilosophy, radical democracy, critical rhetoric, performance studies, deconstruction, studies of biopolitics/sovereignty, critical geography, critical history/historiography, memory studies, post-modernism, post-structuralism, and many more! We are especially interested in scholarship that places these disciplinary fields in conversation with each other, with the current debate topic, and with ongoing conversations about debate and debate practice. We highly encourage potential submitters to read the first issue, both to get a feel for the type of scholarship we would like to publish, and to know what limits there are still to be pushed in this journal. We invite criticism of work published in this journal. We encourage first time academic writers, undergraduates, graduate students, coaches, debaters, and former debaters to submit their scholarship for publication. Our boundaries are permeable and uncertain. We are in our infancy; our history is not yet upon us. We are open and multiple, interested in trial and error, certain yet unafraid of failing, and eager to hear what the community has to say.

A note about submitting interviews –
The interviews currently published on the site were done exclusively with kdebate in mind. However, we do anticipate receiving submissions of interviews that were originally posted elsewhere, for example, on private evidence blogs. If submitting an original interview, please also submit proof that the interviewee has been informed and consents to the submission of the interview to kdebate for possible publication.

Citations -
While we would prefer that submitters use a standard formatting style such as Chicago or APA, we will accept any standard of citation norms as long as full citations are present. For the purposes of this journal, a full citation includes (where applicable): the Author, article title, book title or journal title, volume/issue/edition information, publisher, publication date, website or page number. Please use endnotes, not footnotes (notes at the end of the document, not the end of each page). For more information on the submission process, see:

The review process -
The kdebate editorial staff is still hammering out the details for how we will conduct reviews in the future. We have some ideas of where we may be heading, but no idea of where this may end up. While in the future we would like to do a complete anonymous review process for all work, essays submitted for the next issue will be reviewed by members of our current editorial staff.  With that in mind…

Call for Editorial Board members -
Kdebate would like to establish a board of reviewers to review essays, performances, and interviews for publication in this journal. We are especially interested in graduate students, professors, and debate coaches with a background in debate and an interest in critical scholarship.
To submit papers/interviews/scholarship, volunteer to serve on our editorial board, or for questions and comments please contact us at
Title: Re: kdebate 1- New essay and Call for Papers / Editorial Board
Post by: kevin kuswa on February 28, 2014, 06:31:03 PM
Hi Alex,

Looks like a good project, I'd be willing to review if you need more people.  As a side note, is there a chance that UNC might field some debate teams at some point in the future?  The history of debate is strong there as I'm sure you know--if I remember Lundy's article right, debate even goes back to the start of the sky blue and white colors of the school.  Would be great to see you all at some tournaments!

Title: Re: kdebate 1- New essay and Call for Papers / Editorial Board
Post by: mcmc on March 01, 2014, 09:56:34 AM
Thanks Kevin!
We'll get you added to the list. And no plans that I know of for a return to UNC Debate. Who knows what the future holds...
Title: Re: kdebate 1- New essay and Call for Papers / Editorial Board
Post by: mcmc on March 11, 2014, 12:46:42 PM
Exciting announcement about kdebate:

Thanks to the tremendous response that we received from the community, we are happy to announce that all future submissions to kdebate will receive anonymous reviews from members of our wonderful editorial board. We will be posting a full listing of the members of our editorial board shortly.

What this means for submitters: Please ensure your documents are prepared for anonymous review, that any identifying markers or indication of name or affiliation are removed completely from your document. For more information on how to remove identifying information from an MS word document, please see the following link:
Thanks to everyone who signed up to review submissions. We are excited to provide expanded opportunities for peer reviewed publication of undergraduate, graduate student, debater-initiated, collaborative, and (any and all!) critically-oriented debate scholarship.
We are still actively seeking reviewers to serve on the Editorial Board. If you have any experience in academic publishing/reviewing and any interest in critical debate or critical scholarship, please contact us. We would love to have you on board.

To submit papers/interviews/scholarship, volunteer to serve on our editorial board, or for questions and comments please contact us at
Title: Re: kdebate 1- New essay and Call for Papers / Editorial Board
Post by: mcmc on March 20, 2014, 08:08:50 AM
New interview up on kdebate.

Scott Koslow interviews Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Lawrence Hatab: "Debate is intrinsic to democracy in the following way: Democracy assumes no answers to political questions (leaving constitutional questions aside) and no particular leaders; it is an open invitation for citizens to voice their beliefs or select leaders, decided by votes. Without unanimity, there necessarily follows public discussion to persuade an audience, which is the prototype of “debate.”"