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Title: College Preview Program - Heart of Texas Invitational hosted by St. Mark's
Post by: pdebate on August 27, 2014, 07:58:36 PM

MAJOR CHANGE: Preview is on SUNDAY instead of on Saturday this year. Tournament competition in policy debate is Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

To the College Debate Community:

You are cordially invited to attend the College Debate Preview at the Heart of Texas Invitational. The preview offers representatives from college debate programs the opportunity to talk with high school students about debating in college. The preview will be held during the Heart of Texas Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament in Dallas, Texas during the weekend of October 18-20, 2014.  Last year over 100 high schools from more than 30 states attended the tournament.  College representatives from programs all over the United States were also in attendance. It would be our honor to host representatives from your school this year.

Colleges attending the preview are offered two full pages of advertising (no charge) in the tournament program. The ad pages should be sent to me so that they arrive no later than October 9th. Traditionally, ad pages have included a one page letter from the director, and one page of "college propaganda" about the school. You may format your two pages in any way that you think would be helpful to your recruiting efforts--as long as I get it by the 9th. We have gone to an online program which you might want to take into account when preparing your materials. There isn't a formal schedule for the College Preview Program. We do open a room between rounds five and six on Sunday morning to create a place for students to meet with representatives, however, you are free to watch rounds, talk with students, visit with friends, feed yourself in the coaches lounge, and visit our campus and our city. If you are willing to judge a round or two it would be sincerely appreciated, however, you shouldn't feel any pressure to do so.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email the tournament director, Tim Mahoney,
Title: Re: College Preview Program - Heart of Texas Invitational hosted by St. Mark's
Post by: pdebate on October 08, 2014, 07:20:55 PM
Just a reminder that your info for the College Preview Program is due tomorrow. If you need an extension let me know. Now that we are online the turn around is pretty quick.