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Title: Hotel Block Ends Tomorrow
Post by: BrianDeLong on January 04, 2015, 06:06:03 PM
If you plan on attending the Indiana University Hoosier Invitational Tournament, please make your reservations at the tournament hotel by tomorrow (Monday the 5th).

A reminder to those who are interested, the schedule will be Sat-Mon. Three divisions (Novice, JV, Open. We will have seven rounds and our first outbound Sunday night. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner both Saturday and Sunday as well as freshly baked (delivered warm) cookies from a local baker Sunday night.

The IU tournament has received ADA sanctioning and will count for ADA points.

I received a few questions about flights: Fly into Indianapolis. Do not try to fly into Bloomington, Illinois!  If you are in the tournament hotel, you can skip the rental vehicle. The Go Express Shuttle, and the Star of American Shuttle are about $15.00 a piece each way. They run consistent and reliable schedules, they have WIFI, and the drop you off at the tournament hotel. We use them when we can.

Hotel reservation information is located here:

We are excited to host once again this year we hope we will see many of you in Bloomington at the end of July!

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