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Title: TC Agenda: Saturday
Post by: Ryan Galloway on June 12, 2015, 11:01:27 PM
Agenda for Saturday:
1) Stefan’s topic thoughts
*Why some areas?
*Bidirectionality good
2)    Debate about military presence (Trinity debate)
*What is it not?
*Military presence vs. forward presence vs. force posture
3) Topic grid for increase/decrease presence/commitment resolutions (Ryan)
4) Bidirectional resolutions
*Reduce vs. diminish (Hester)
*Definitions of reversal (Hester)
5) Floor/ceiling resolutions
*Troop deployment vs. military assistance vs. arms sales (Colin)
*To/in distinction (Colin)
6) Commitment resolutions
*Military commitment = security guarantee updated ev. (Symonds)
7) Country/region clean-up
*Djibouti—China links & solvency advocates (Murillo)
*Bahrain (Solice)
*Taiwan arms sales (Jason)
*Japan withdraw from new base (Jason)
*South Korea updated (Jason)
*Definitions of Northeast Asia
*Saudi Arabia (Malcolm)
*How to access Ukraine debate?  (Baltics only, Ukraine, NATO)
8) Decrease only resolutions?
*Country approach?
*Which countries?
*Region approach?