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Title: Cash for Cards - $1.50 to $1.92 per Card
Post by: michael.ritter on February 25, 2016, 07:50:46 PM
I am looking to hire someone to cut cards on two sides of the next NSDA Public Forum Debate topic (will be announced on the first).

CARDS: 70 cards (35 - Pro; 35 - Con)

PAYMENT: $1.50 per card, and $20 bonus for completed set of 70 that is submitted by the Deadline. If some of the cards submitted do not meet the requirements below, then the set will not be considered “completed" and eligible for the $20 bonus.

DEADLINE: March 3, 2016, no later than 11:59 pm. Only cards satisfying the conditions below and submitted by this deadline will be eligible for payment. 

CONDITIONS: Each card must consist of (1) a quote that is not less than two sentences, preferably containing a claim and a warrant; (2) a citation; including, in this order, (a) if the name of the author(s) is/are known then the first and last name, followed by their academic qualifications, (b) if the quote is from an organizational publication, the name of the organization; (2) the title/headline of the publication; (3) the publisher; (4) the date, which must include the year, and may include the month and day; and (5) the URL to the authority. The quote must contain some indication that it directly addresses the resolution question. NO CARDS FROM BACKFILES OR OLDER THAN 5 YEARS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

TO APPLY: Send email to with an introduction, statement of your qualifications for cutting cards, and the contact info for a reference.