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Title: DVC Elim Information
Post by: stables on October 24, 2009, 09:29:36 PM
Rounds Begin at 9:00 AM – All judges are obligated and will be judging.

Teams Clearing

Cal GJ
Cal JP
Cal Poly CK
Cal Poly GS
Los Rios BK
Los Rios RR
Pepperdine FD
Stanford KS


Advance w/o debating at 9 am
Cal Poly MO
Chico MN

Debating at 9 am
CSU Northridge GS
Los Rios MM
Stanford EZ

JV Finals (to take place during Semifinals of Open and Novice)
Sac State HS

Title: DVC Elim Updates and Speaker Awards
Post by: stables on October 25, 2009, 01:59:08 PM
Speaker Awards

1. Robin Gray - Cal
2. Erik Johnson - Cal
3. David Rekow - Los Rios
4. Kenneth Kozakura - Cal Poly
5. Jessica Whittle - SF State
6. Katie Rupp - Los Rios
7. Dominic Surano - Cal Poly
8. TJ Srivangipuram - Cal
9. Jamie Franklin - Pepperdine
10. Sam King - Stanford

1. Kara O'Brien - SF State
2. Danielle Prince - SF State
3. Sterling Kempf - Los Rios
4. Corey Thompson - Santa Clara
5. Navid Bayar - Los Rios

1. Maria Mohammed - USC
2. Genevieve Owsowitz - Cal Poly
3. Meagan Moore - Cal Poly
4. Chris Nomura - Chico
5. Daniellesher Baker - Los Rios
6. Daniel Leahy - Los Rios
7. Rachel Elise Rosefigura - Stanford
8. David Resnick - USC
9. Craig Richardson - Cal Poly
10. Chris Morgan - Los Rios

Elimination Round Results

Open Quarters
Stanford KS (aff) def. Cal Poly CK 2-1 Arnett, Kephart, Anderson*
Cal GJ (aff) def. Los Rios BK 3-0 Stables, Martin, Stone-Watt
Cal JP def. Pepperdine FD (aff) 3-0 Eisenberg, Huighes, Skiles
Cal Poly GS def. Los Rios RR (aff) 2-1 Burshteyn, Lippman, Cox

Novice Quarters
Cal Poly MO advanced without debating
Chico MN advanced without debating
Stanford EZ (aff) def. Los Rios MM 2-1 Peterson, Bernacci, Perry*
CSU Northridge GS def. USC MR (aff) 3-0 Apple, Alvarez, Boehning

Current Elims

Open Semifinals
Cal GJ vs. Cal Poly GS  Hughes, Dennis, Martin
Cal JP vs. Stanford KS Alvarez, Kephart, Eisenberg

JV Breakout Finals
SF State OP vs. CSU Sac HS (flip)  - Peterson, Cox, Arnett

Novice Semifinals
Chico MN vs. Stanford EZ - Skiles, Anderson, Burshteyn
Cal Poly MO vs. CSU Northridge GS - Perry, Boehning, Apple