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Title: Announcement of the 20th Annual Val A. Browning Round Robin Field
Post by: vguevara on August 15, 2016, 07:30:24 PM
20th Val A Browning Round Robin is proud to invite the following excellent debate teams to Ogden:

Arizona State University (Quint & Ram)
Binghamton University (Buttgereit & Smith)
George Mason University (Oliver & Thomas)
Gonzaga University (Skoog & Weinhardt)
Rutgers-Newark University (Carrera & Stafford)
Stanford University (Alison & Simon)
University of Texas (Bleiweiss & Pabst)
University of Wyoming (Culver & Henman)
Weber State University (Gaither & Tippets)

Thank you for you continued support of debating excellence in the West. We're looking forward to hosting your visit!