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Title: 2017 Val A. Browning Round Robin Results
Post by: vguevara on September 28, 2017, 08:43:01 PM
Final and official results

Top Speakers:

5. Chaz Wyche, Rutgers-Newark
4. Andrew Baron, Baylor University
3. Roman Kezios, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
2. Arriq Singleton, Emporia State
1. Greg Zoda, Baylor University

Top Teams:

3. Emporia State University (Engelbert & Singleton, 5-3)
2. Arizona State University (Chowdhury & Ram, 6-2)
1. Baylor University (Barron & Zoda, 7-1)

Val Director of the Year: Matt Gerber, Baylor University.

Here are some great pictures of the awards ceremony:  (

Thank you all for being such splendid guests. Congrats to everyone in attendance for a great tournament. Get some rest, and onto the Mukai!