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Title: 2018 CEDA Awards Nominations
Post by: Amber Kelsie on February 12, 2018, 09:28:30 PM
Hey Y'all,

It's about that time again!  I am excited to encourage you to nominate students, coaches and colleagues for CEDA Awards. Nominations are due March 2nd and are made via CEDA’s website ( We are seeking nominations for the following awards:

ALL-AMERICANS – honoring a maximum of 30 students (max of 2 per school) who demonstrate demonstrate competitive success, academic success, good conduct, and contributions to their squad.

NATIONAL DEBATE SCHOLARS – honoring students who maintain strong academic records in addition to their competitive accomplishments. There are four categories of National Debate Scholars:

a. National Debate Scholar – summa cum laude. Minimum 3.75 GPA.
b. National Debate Scholar - magna cum laude. Minimum 3.5 GPA.
c. National Debate Scholar - cum laude. Minimum 3.25 GPA.
d. National Debate Scholar – Honorable Mention. Minimum 3.0 GPA

THE BRIAN “BABY JO” JOHNSTON DEBATER OF THE YEAR AWARD – The Baby Jo Award is meant to celebrate the best of the best in our community. The ideal candidate demonstrates competitive success and a commitment to represent the highest values of the debate community.

THE OUTSTANDING NEW COMPETITOR AWARD – this award is for people who began their participation in interscholastic debate in college, are in their first year of competition and are participating at the CEDA championship tournament. Applications should demonstrate growth and strong participation in the activity.

THE MATT GRINDY OUTSTANDING GRADUATE STUDENT COACH – This award is intended to recognize excellence in graduate and professional obligations as well as their work as coaches.

THE GALENTINE AWARD – This award is named after Rebecca Galentine and is designed to recognize an outstanding female debate coach in CEDA. The ideal candidate can demonstrate service to programs and the organization, community building and competitive success.

THE BROWNLEE AWARD -  The Brownlee Award is given annually to a forensic educator who demonstrates outstanding achievement in scholarship, education and service to CEDA. The award is named in honor of longtime coach and founding CEDA member Don Brownlee.

THE CEDA ALUMNI AWARD - This award recognizes outstanding achievement, contribution and service by a program alumna of a member school.

THE NATIONAL PUBLIC DEBATE AWARD - This award is given to the intercollegiate debate program which, over the course of the past academic year, has best advanced the values of debate in the public sphere.

PUBLIC ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR - The award acknowledges the contribution of an individual during the past year that made a positive contribution to public discourse on matters of social import.


Amber Kelsie

Title: Re: 2018 CEDA Awards Nominations
Post by: sharris on February 27, 2018, 03:19:11 PM
A reminder that CEDA Award Nominations are due this week. We have extended the deadline to March 5th to give people the weekend to finish them.

Title: Re: 2018 CEDA Awards Nominations
Post by: sharris on March 05, 2018, 09:32:42 PM
The deadline for submission of CEDA Awards nomination materials has been extended to Wednesday evening March 7th. It is my understanding that people who were competing this weekend may need additional time to complete their submissions so we will keep nominations open for an extra 48 hours.