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 on: Today at 02:48:55 PM 
Started by Adri - Last post by Adri
The American Debate Association Executive Committee is seeking letters of nomination for the following awards:
1.      The American Debate Association Coaching Excellence Award, recognizing excellent performance by a coach (whether director, assistant, or graduate student) at an ADA school.
2.      The Founders’ Award for Service, recognizing outstanding contribution to the activity by a member of the ADA Community.
3. The Distinguished Alumni Award, recognizing outstanding contribution to the world by a former ADA Debater.
Letters of nomination should identify the nominee and why the nominee is deserving of the award. Letters should not exceed one page. Please submit your nomination letter to the ADA Awards Chair, Dave Arnett, via email ( The deadline for nominations is 5 pm EST, Friday, March 3.

 on: Today at 12:02:39 PM 
Started by AAPabon - Last post by AAPabon
Hello everyone,

My name is Alexander Pabon and I am senior at North Central College. I have been competing in IE and various forms of Debate for my four years in college. My love of the activity has led me to use debate as my topic for my undergraduate Honors College thesis. I am asking for as many competitors, coaches, judges, and alumni as possible across multiple formats (NDT-CEDA, NPDA, IPDA, NFA-LD) to participate.

The survey will ask you to give your opinion on many possible issues of controversy in the debate community. The survey will not ask you to give any identifying information. It was approved by our local IRB.

I also ask that you take a minute to send the survey on to alumni or other coaches this forum would not reach. I am slightly isolated here in Illinois and do not have many contacts in other states. Any help in getting this survey around is immensely appreciated.

The link to the survey is here:

Please feel free to reach out to me with questions/comments. The school will post the thesis in it's finished form sometime in May.

Thank you in advance for your help!

 on: February 22, 2017, 03:28:14 PM 
Started by sharris - Last post by sharris
Preparations are underway for hosting the 71st National Debate tournament. We are looking forward to trying to ensure that everyone has a positive experience at the tournament. 

Please have each person that will be attending the tournament fill out the tournament survey at this address.

A few details may help in your planning for the tournament.

The Thursday registration, opening meetings, Sunday awards banquet and elimination rounds will all be held at the Marriott Kansas City Overland Park, 10800 Metcalf Avenue Overland Park, KS 66210.

The eight preliminary rounds, pairings announcements, breakfast and lunch Friday through Sunday will all be held at the University of Kansas Edwards Campus at 12600 Quivera Rd. Overland Park, KS.
The Edwards Campus is a small self-contained campus that consists of 3 connected buildings. The campus will be on spring break and we will have exclusive use of the campus on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Edwards Campus is 5 miles from the hotel and there are limited dining options within walking distance of the hotel so having access to transportation is highly recommended. If you have special transportation needs during the tournament please let us know.

If there is anything we can do to help make your stay a comfortable one do not hesitate to let us know. You can e-mail requests to Scott Harris at  or call and leave a message at 785-864-9878.

 on: February 22, 2017, 01:08:34 PM 
Started by Adam Symonds - Last post by Adam Symonds
D1 results (rankings):
1. UNLV Gomez/Horn
2. UNLV Aguilar/Kezios
3. Stanford Hacket/Prabhu
4. Arizona State Ferdowsian/Ram

 on: February 20, 2017, 10:05:51 AM 
Started by Vega - Last post by Vega
The 2017 NDT qualifiers from District III:

District III:

1              Texas KS   Kilpatrick & Stransky       8             
2              Baylor BC   Barron & Conner              6             
3              Oklahoma SP Sanchez & Pickens           6         
4              Central Oklahoma HS   Hilligoss & Stidham          6             
5              Wichita State OS  O'Donnell & Saunders    5             
6              Texas BP  Bleiweiss & Pabst             5       
7              Trinity SY  Sposeep & Yorko             5       
8              Wichita State CW  Crane & Welch  5           
9              Central Oklahoma CM Colen & Moore 5             
10           Baylor SW Sheaff & Walberg            4           
11           Trinity DK Dill & Khullar       4             
12           Missouri - Kansas City KS Kroger & Scott   4   

 on: February 19, 2017, 11:11:51 AM 
Started by Neil Butt - Last post by Neil Butt

 on: February 19, 2017, 11:10:47 AM 
Started by Neil Butt - Last post by Neil Butt
Congrats to the following teams for qualifying to the NDT.
1. Wake MM 5-1
2. UGA AR 5-1
3. West Ga MJ 5-1
4. Kentucky AN 5-1
5.  UGA RS 4-2
6.  West Ga CC 4-2

The following 8 teams will debate in the morning.  full pairing at 7am, round at 8.

1. Wake DM
2. Wake CR
3. Emory QT
4. Emory FR
5.  Wake GT
6.  GSU FN
7.  Emory SY
8.  Louisville GT

1. Florida SV
2. Vanderbilt ER
3. Florida GS
4. Wake TY

1. Vanderbilt KK
2. Vanderbilt NJ
3. Florida JS
4. FSU/Samford SN

 on: February 18, 2017, 09:49:40 PM 
Started by repko - Last post by repko
Greetings from the D5 Tourney in East Lansing.

Full results will be posted on in the next few days. But for those keeping track, here are our four qualifiers:

1. Indiana University - Ari Hoffman & Kegan Ferguson - 5 wins, 15 ballots.
2. Michigan State University - Lena Grossman & Christian Rodriguez - 4 wins, 11 ballots.
3. Michigan State University - Evan Runburg & Luc Walkington - 4 wins, 9 ballots - higher points.
4. Northwestern University - Jason Levin & Joe Weideman - 4 wins, 9 ballots

Our 1st alternate is Indiana University - Harry Aaronson & Bee Smale - 3 wins, 12 ballots.



 on: February 16, 2017, 05:13:31 PM 
Started by V I Keenan - Last post by V I Keenan

5 rounds saturday with dinner, OR 4 rounds Saturday

Diversity and other Statements:
Northeast Region,
Just one quick note, Adam Scher was also in the room for the meeting Smiley
It was noted that we want to have more transparency within our pref systems.  We want to provide a quick note on the prelim prefs at West Point.  We set the preference range as 70 with a mutuality range of 30 for Novice (to reflect the larger number of novice-only judging).  JV was set at 60 and 30 (to reflect the larger number of novice/JV-only judging), and Open was set at 50 and 30.  In each round, below is the worst pref/mutuality that occured (note: a round with 60/24 means the worst preference any team had was a 60th percentile and the worst mutuality in any round was a 24, but the worst mutuality was not necessarily in the same debate as the team who received the worst preference).  Note: when we went out of those standards, it was to replace no-show judges.
Novice   JV   Open
Round 1   70/20   51/17   48/12
Round 2   50/24   50/25   51/28
Round 3   68/23   58/28   45/29
Round 4   64/24   55/29   41/19
Round 5   60/30   44/29   41/29
Round 6   66/28   56/23   47/24

On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 10:17 PM, <> wrote:
NorthEast CEDA Regional Meeting , October 19, 2010, West Point

Jillian Marty Vermont
Neil Berch West Virginia
Vk Keenan CUNY
Chris Kozak Rutgers
Josh Imes New School
Kathryn Rubino USMA
Joe Patten Monmouth
Will Baker NYU
John Katsulas  BC
Joe Schatz  Binghamton
Gordie Miller Rochester
(also Janna White, Samantha Godbey, Melissa Mistretta, Joe Patrice)

Joe calls meeting to order at 2:16 PM, Gordie Miller takes minutes.

1.      need to select new region representative , is nomination process , nominee goes to CEDA for approval/vote.
discussion about how the regional rep duties, costs to get NCA and CEDA Summer meeting,
Joe Schatz nominated Jillian Marty for regional Rep, Vik Keenan seconds.    Unanimously approved.
2.      Regionals discussion. Is it at West Conn? Tyler gave impression at Binghamton that it will be. Will suggests and all agree to to help Tyler and Max with “tournament manual” if wanted/needed.
3.      Neil new business-  Neil reads his proposal for increasing diversity at regional tournaments.
 “ In order to create a more hospitable and educational environment, The NorthEast Region recognizes that diversity among debaters and judges is vitally important to the success of debate. Therefore, beginning with the February 2014 Regional Meeting, every potential tournament host seeking placement on the regional calendar shall offer a diversity plan for its tournament. At each regional meeting, the region will review the efficacy of previous efforts. These tournament based efforts should supplement rather than replace individual program efforts at improving diversity in hiring and recruitment.”
4.      Discussion ensued about what are diversity measures, what is diversity,
5.      Joe Schatz moves to bring resolution to vote,  Chris Kozak seconds. Motion passed (Army abstain, BC NO, all others yes)
6.      Will suggests we have one tournament where novices debate on paper to increase the flow, discussion on an experimental tournament, maybe in post round discussions, maybe no jumping till after speech, or  maybe establish norms about when is prep time/jump drive. The  suggested  norm was that prep time ends when the other team gets the file/jump drive.
7.      Vermont Internet Access- send Jillian email adress of anyone who wants wireless access at the Huber Debates by Thursday October 24.
8.      Discussion of a regional tournament tab program. Tabroom CAT seems to get more and more complicated, we all agree we need more options and more people able/willing to tab.
9.      Discussion of preference in novice divisions especially novice only judges. Then discussion of mutuality vs preference vs random with strikes. Lively discussion that frankly moved too fast for the minute taker to keep up. Was a general feeling that the method of mutuality/preference to be used at tournaments be declared. (preferably in tournament invite)
10.      Discussion of how are we going to increase the quality of our judging? Teach ins, workshops, judge training, shadow judging, tournament where novices and novice-only judges have workshop/watch/judge debates during open/jv round 6 were all discussed as possibilities.
11.     Will suggests we have an open discussion about each of our preferences maybe we can talk about judges we should move up/down, how we pref judges or get more chances.

NDT Business
1.      Rashad is NDT chair now, He asked Neil to tab the District Tournament, Chair is responsible for verification/ndt enrollment, most importantly among other responsibilities. Vik Keenan nominates Jillian Marty for next district chair, Will Baker seconds. Unanimously passed. Those not present are Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Bard. Was agreed quorum was present.

Meeting adjourned 3:19 PM

Gordie Miller
Asst Director
University of Rochester
Debate Union

 on: February 16, 2017, 04:53:53 PM 
Started by V I Keenan - Last post by V I Keenan
Guidelines adopted in 2011:

Each year at the Regional Tournament, the Region will select the recipients of two awards and select a Final Round judge for CEDA Nationals.  The awards are the Michael K. Davis Award and the Regional Critic of the Year Award (the latter actually being a CEDA award that is formally presented at the CEDA National Tournament).

The Michael K. Davis Award goes to an outstanding graduating senior policy debater who began college eligible to debate as a Novice.  Criteria will include debate accomplishments, contributions to the student’s debate squad, contributions to the debate community at-large, and debate citizenship.  The name of the winner of the Michael K. Davis Award will be added to a traveling trophy (the winner’s school is responsible for that).  Each year, the trophy (or plaque) will be displayed in a prominent place at the Regional Tournament.

The Regional Critic of the Year Award will go to someone who has judged at most regional tournaments during the current school year.  Criteria will include excellence in adjudication of debates at all levels and the consistent provision of educational critiques.

The Final Round judge for CEDA Nationals should be someone who has demonstrated an ability to adjudicate high-level debates in a high-quality fashion.  S/he should also have indicated that s/he would be available to attend the final round at CEDA Nationals.

Procedure for all three awards:
At least 4 weeks prior to the start of the Regional Tournament, the Regional Representative will solicit nominations via the Regional listserve and any other appropriate means.

Nominations will be due 2 weeks prior to the start of the Regional Tournament.  For the Davis Award, nominations should be accompanied by a short statement outlining the accomplishments of the nominee.  For the other honors, such a statement is optional.

Immediately upon the close of nominations, the Regional Representative will forward to the membership (via the Regional listserve and other appropriate means) a list of nominees.  That list should be accompanied by all of the nominating statements.

If for any of these honors there are fewer than 6 nominees, the election for that honor will proceed to the Final Ballot (see below).

If for any honor there are 6 or more nominees, the field for that honor will be narrowed through a nominating ballot.  Balloting will be held electronically, with each regional CEDA member school having one vote.  On the nominating ballot, each voter will rank their top 4 candidates.  In order for a vote to count, all 4 positions must be filled.  Nominees will receive 4 points for each 1st place vote, 3 for each 2nd place vote, 2 for each 3rd place vote, and 1 for each 4th place vote.  The nominees with the 4 highest point totals (and any tied for 4th)  will move on to the final ballot.  Nominating ballots will be due one week before the start of the Regional Tournament.

The Regional Representative will distribute the Final Ballot for each honor on the Monday before the start of the Regional Tournament.  Distribution will be electronic, and voters (again one vote for each CEDA regional member) may vote electronically or in person at the tournament.  Ballots will be due electronically by 5:00 pm on the Friday of the Regional Tournament weekend, or in person by the end of Saturday’s debates at the Regional Tournament.  The method for this election will be single transferable vote (until one candidates receives a majority), and voters may rank as many or as few candidates as they wish.

Tabulation of votes will be done by the Regional Representative.  If the Regional Representative has a candidate from her/his school on the ballot for an honor, s/he should be assisted by a colleague with no such candidate.

Winners of these honors will be announced at the awards ceremony for the Regional Tournament.  Prior to the announcement, the Regional Representative will announce the names of all nominees.  For the Davis Award, s/he should also read an excerpt from the nominating statement for each nominee.

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