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 on: October 18, 2016, 12:21:37 PM 
Started by saherndon - Last post by saherndon
Contact We'll pay 40/round.

Thanks. s

 on: October 17, 2016, 01:12:18 PM 
Started by Neil Butt - Last post by Neil Butt
Attached is a results packet for the 2016 Samford Tournament.
Results should also be available on, but since it won't let teams be Open and JV, there may be gaps, which hopefully this will help fill.

If you have any questions, you can contact me (Neil Butt).

 on: October 12, 2016, 08:52:20 PM 
Started by Mike Davis - Last post by Mike Davis
JMU is hiring an Assistant Director of Debate. This person will join Lindsey Shook and myself as a third full time faculty member on our coaching staff. Please let me know if you have any questions.

 on: October 12, 2016, 04:32:26 PM 
Started by gabemurillo - Last post by gabemurillo
Hello Friends!

It’s that time of year again, time to nominate your favorite people for positions in CEDA! Nominations are made during the CEDA business meeting at NCA (Friday 11/11 from 9:30-10:45 ET), so make sure to contact your regional rep or me if you’re interested in being nominated. If you’ve already contacted me about being nominated please send a me a quick reminder before NCA. Also feel free to contact me or your regional rep if you have any questions about the positions. The following positions are up for election, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, Executive Secretary, Topic Committee Representative, and several regional reps (Pacific, West, Mid America, East Central & Southeast). Here is a list of duties for each position:

2nd VP

The 2nd VP is a three year term (1 year 2nd VP, 1 year 1st VP and 1 year President) and is one of the Executive Officers. You also maintain your vote on the executive committee as a past president for 2 years after being president.

The Second Vice President's duties are to:
A. Replace the First Vice President in case of the latter's death, resignation, severance of connection with forensics, or assumption of the position of President;
B. Serve as a voting member of the Executive Council;
C. Serve as a voting member of the Topic Selection Committee commencing upon the submission of the resolution ballot for the topic commencing during his or her Second Vice Presidential term; and
D. Chair the Research Committee.

The First Vice President's duties are to:
A. Assist the President by assuming such duties as chairing an annual business meeting if the President so requests;
B. Replace the President in case of the latter's death, resignation or severance of connection with forensics;
C. Serve as a voting member of the Executive Council;
D. Serve as voting member of the Topic Selection Committee;
E. Serve as member of the National Tournament Committee; and
F: Serve as Chair of the Annual Awards Committee.

The President's duties are to:
A. Be responsible for upholding this Constitution and its Bylaws and all other decisions made at the annual business meetings of the Association;
B. Chair the National Tournament Committee until the July 1 immediately following the conclusion of the National Tournament of his or her Presidential term;
C. Chair and be a voting member of the Executive Council;
D. Serve as a voting member of the Topic Selection Committee until the submission of the resolution ballot for the topic commencing after the completion of his or her Presidential term;
E. Serve as representative of the Association to other organizational meetings (if he/she is unable to attend, the First Vice President, the Second Vice President or the Executive Secretary, in that order, shall fulfill that obligation, or if none of them can attend, then the President shall appoint a member of the Association as his/her representative);
F. Appoint members and chairs of standing committees and, from time to time, of such committees as he/she deems suitable or are requested by the membership at the annual business meetings;
G. Fill, by appointment or special election, as indicated in Article V, vacancies among officers or regional representatives;
H. Fill by appointment a vacancy in the position of Editor of the Association's journal, such appointment to be for the unexpired term of the individual who has been replaced;
I. Following his/her term as President to serve for two years as a voting member of the Executive Council.


The Treasurer is a two year term. The Treasurer is one of the Executive Officers.

The Treasurer's duties are to:
A. Serve as the primary financial officer of the Association;
B. Pay all expenses of the Association that are authorized by the President or Executive Council;
C. Prepare and give accounting of the financial state of the Association to the annual business meetings of the Association each year;
D. Order all trophies and awards;
E. Maintain the nonprofit corporate tax-exempt status of the Association;
F. Be responsible for tax preparation and accounting for the Association;
G. Become bonded;
H. Submit to audits as required by the Executive Council; and
I. Serve as voting member of the Executive Council.
J. Prepare a budget for each year in consultation with the Executive-Secretary and President.

Executive Secretary

Executive Secretary is a two year term. The Executive Secretary is also one of the Executive Officers.
The Executive Secretary's duties are to:
A. Govern balloting for all official CEDA operations in accordance with procedures determined by the Executive Council or as set forth in the Constitution or Bylaws, including:
1. Elections for officers of the Association.
a. If the Executive Secretary’s name appears on the ballot, the First Vice President will conduct the election;
2. Selection of CEDA debate topics;
3. Amendments and such other matters as directed by the Executive Council.
B. Governance of CEDA balloting includes:
1. Production and distribution of a formal, written ballot to all eligible voters;
2. Setting and announcing the dates that a ballot is open for voting. Each ballot must remain open for a minimum of 14 days;
3. Providing confirmation that each individual ballot has been received and will be tabulated;
4. Announcing results, including reporting the total number of ballots received and the total number of votes cast for each candidate and each ballot item. The Executive Secretary should also publish a voter roll of each program that voted in that
election. This information should only contain a list of which programs voted and not include any information about how that program voted.
C. Insure official records of the current standings of schools in CEDA sweepstakes competition are maintained and periodically to communicate this information to the membership of the Association. The Executive Secretary need not personally calculate the points and may delegate this duty and provide resources to insure the points are maintained. Even if delegated, ultimate responsibility for the completion and accuracy of the points resides with the Executive Secretary.
D. Correspond in the name of the Association with prospective tournament hosts and/or members of the Association;
E. Serve as a voting member of the Executive Council;
F. Establish an agenda for the annual business meetings of the Association with the assistance of the President; and
G. Maintain an updated version of the Constitution and Bylaws and disseminate these to the membership periodically.
H. Shall call and organize any necessary email, listserve or other computer or electronic discussions of the Executive Council.
I. To ensure that officers’ and regional representatives’ names are included in the National Communication Association Convention Program.
J. Accept membership applications to CEDA, receive all membership dues and other payments to the Association.
K. Approve the applications to host CEDA-sanctioned tournaments.
L. Distribute the Association’s journal and maintain a library of back issues.

Topic Committee Representative

The CEDA Topic Committee representative is a three year term. Their duties including serving on the topic committee.

Regional Representatives

Regional reps serve a two year term. Regional reps are voting members of the Executive Committee. The following regional reps are up for election:
Pacific – Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada.
The West - Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Montana New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and El Paso, Texas.
East Central--Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and West Virginia.
Southeast--Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.
Mid-America--Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Each of the Regional Representatives' duties are to:
A. Serve as a voting member of the Executive Council;
B. Represent his or her region at the meetings of the Executive Council;
C. Serve as liaison between the region and the Executive Council, including providing the Executive Council with an annual report at the CEDA Summer Meeting regarding the state of the region;
D. Hold regional meetings at appropriate tournaments during the year; and
E. Coordinate scheduling of regional tournaments.
F. Facilitate the election for student representative to the Executive Council. The election should be completed by October 1.
G. If a regional representative is unable to attend an Executive Council meeting, she or he may appoint a substitute with voting privileges from the region. If no substitute is appointed by
the regional representative, the President may appoint a substitute with voting privileges from the region.
H. Regional representatives may establish criteria for regional awards to be presented at the National Tournament and may request funding from the Treasurer to pay for those awards.

Gabe Murillo

 on: October 12, 2016, 09:46:16 AM 
Started by Yennhi - Last post by Yennhi
(On behalf of Carol Winkler)

Dear Colleagues,

The 20th Alta Argumentation Conference will be held on July 20-23, 2017.   The submission date for participation will be earlier this cycle, on February 24, 2017. 

More information on how to submit papers, panels, and abstracts is available through the conference call website ( and in the attached document.

The conference theme, “Networking Argument,” is intentionally broad to encompass papers on the practice of debate, debate pedagogy, and on subject matter expertise gained through competition.

Carol Winkler
Director of Alta 2017

 on: October 11, 2016, 12:45:13 PM 
Started by mph - Last post by nryan
Update, we now have an additional 10 more rooms at the Best Western. Contact information is in the invite for those of you interested.

 on: October 11, 2016, 11:37:23 AM 
Started by mph - Last post by mph
The blocks at Springhill Suites and Best Western are full.  We are working to secure more rooms at the Best Western.  In the meantime, those who still need rooms can contact the Holiday Inn-Downtown.  We have 20 rooms in the block so please make your reservations soon.  The Holiday Inn is 10-15 minutes from campus and located near several good food options.
Here is the info for the Holiday Inn Downtown:
Holiday Inn Lynchburg
601 Main St
Lynchburg, VA, US 24504
Tel: (434) 528-2500
Name of Group:  Liberty University Debate:
Reservation Cut-off date is 10/28/16 
Group Code:  LDT/SMERF
Rate:  $105 + state and local taxes

 on: October 10, 2016, 11:23:56 AM 
Started by Winston - Last post by Winston
The Department of Communication Studies at Western Washington University (WWU) invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position with duties to include DOF and teaching Rhetorical Studies.

This position calls for a colleague who can coach and manage a national level forensic program while contributing to teaching responsibilities in the department. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. The starting date for this position is Sept. 15, 2017. Required Qualifications include: Ph.D. (in Communication or related field )to be completed by September 15, 2017, evidence of specialization in Rhetoric Studies, specialization in coaching academic debate, evidence of successful undergraduate teaching, active and successful program of scholarship, demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion, and ability to work with diverse groups of students, faculty and staff, and ability to teach one or more of the following courses: Research Methods, Communication Theory, or Communication Ethics. Preferred Qualifications include: experience teaching Rhetorical Studies; community service that promotes civil discourse within the University community; ability to recruit and retain a diverse group of both novice and experienced debaters; and experience with administrative, tournament hosting, supervisory, and budgetary skills expected of a leader of a nationally successful forensics program and experience with hiring and supervision of assistant instructors/coaches. View full announcement, including all qualifications, responsibilities and application procedures at

 Review of applications will begin December 1, 2016; position is open until filled. For further info contact Ms. Michelle Reed Oppenheimer at 360-650-2294.

 on: October 08, 2016, 08:01:01 PM 
Started by savonayodeji - Last post by savonayodeji
We are looking to hire at least 2 people to tab the Capitol Beltway tournament this October 22-23. Applicants should be experience with tabroom. Please send an email to if interested.


 on: October 07, 2016, 08:32:05 AM 
Started by SherryHall - Last post by SherryHall
If you have rooms at the Hawthorne that you don't need please contact me at

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