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 on: Today at 11:56:49 AM 
Started by gabemurillo - Last post by jonahfeldman
Thanks Palmer and Hardy for all your service to the community and thanks CEDA/ADA for paying for it!

 on: Today at 11:44:13 AM 
Started by gabemurillo - Last post by palmertab

Greetings, Debatlings, from Worlds in Stuttgart Germany.  This tournament is foreign in more ways than one, let me tell you.

Since words gets out fast, I got three emails and texts about this in the last ten minutes Smiley

1) This is not wiki prolif; it's the same caselist run primarily by Hardy with an assist by me.  Right now it runs in the cloud which has proven both costly and not very powerful, which is one of the reasons why the search function is disabled.  There's a bug in the search function that interacts badly with the hosting on a cloud server, and it's at a layer in the software that we can't fix. 

So, we're moving it onto the old server.  Tabroom itself moved to servers provided by the NSDA for the purpose, and since I still have the old one and it is now doing nothing, I thought this would be a good use for it.  It is a few years old but still WAY WAY more powerful than what we're using now.  It costs money to host every month, which will be paid for jointly by ADA/CEDA for college and the NDCA for the high school wikis.   The cost is much lower than the monthly cost of the current cloud setup. 

Hopefully this means we can avoid the Great Annual GSU/Greenhill Meltdown when everyone in debate posts a new aff in the period of three hours.  A boy can dream.

2) There will indeed be a new software version but it will still work with verbatim and tabroom integration and all that, and we'll maintain the historical wikis as well for previous topic years.

3)  the advantage to having ADA/CEDA pay for it is it no longer comes out of my personal pocket (good for me!) but it also officializes (if that's a word) the caselist from "this thing Hardy and Palmer do just because" to being under the umbrella of actual orgs.  Which is all to the good for CEDA, the ADA and debate as a whole I think.

We really hope this will help address some of the stability issues this coming year. 

 on: Today at 11:18:28 AM 
Started by gabemurillo - Last post by gabemurillo
Hello friends,

I am excited to announce that CEDA and the ADA are collaborating to create a new case list for the college debate community. The case list is a public good and CEDA and the ADA feel that it should be maintained by the organizations that govern collegiate debate. We are very grateful for the voluntary contributions of the folks who previously hosted the case list and look forward to working with the same people to host the new college case list. The new case list will run on a more powerful server that will not only be more reliable but also be capable of supporting the case list search function. CEDA would like to thank the ADA for joining with us on this endeavor, and we look forward to the case list being up in early August.

Gabe Murillo
President - Cross Examination Debate Association

 on: July 25, 2016, 02:00:50 PM 
Started by louiedebate - Last post by louiedebate
UNT is seeking applicants for our Assistant Coach position; it is a full time position with a competitive salary and benefits package.  We want to thank Steve Pointer for all of hard work and great coaching over the past two years.  Steve will not doubt be successful in any future career endeavor.  The job title is, Student Services Coordinator I, and will soon be searchable at –

Description -
UNT Team Coaching (85%) has the following duties and expectations:

Direct the debate team's research, which involves planning assignments, editing files and producing evidence for the students before each tournament; teach students how to retrieve and synthesize information.

Assist the Associate Director in determining the debate team’s argument selection and research prioritization.

Travel with the debate team to 8-12 tournaments per academic year.

Meet with the team periodically for coaching and mentoring as described by the Associate Director
Assist the Associate Director with travel logistics, supervision, and administration as requested.

Recruiting (15%) has the following duties and expectations:

Travel to 4-6 high school debate tournaments during the academic year to scout and meet with potential recruits and their coaches.

Recruit high school students to attend the Mean Green Workshop.

Qualification -
The successful candidate will possess a Bachelor's Degree in a related field and two years of student services, student affairs, counseling, advising, or related experience; or any equivalent combination of education, training and experience. 
The preferred candidate will possess the following additional qualifications:
* Valid Texas driver's license or the ability to obtain one within thirty days of employment
* At least 3 years of experience in college debate.
* Demonstration of research skills in college academic debate.
* Experience teaching college debaters.
* An ability to travel to different locations 

If interested, you can contact me by email at or give me a call at (417) 459-0350.  With the late posting we hope to move fast in the hiring process. Interviews will be conducted over the phone or by Skype.


 on: July 20, 2016, 08:51:01 AM 
Started by vguevara - Last post by vguevara
A few updates as we get ready to welcome folks back to Ogden.

Submissions for the 20th annual Val A. Browning Round Robin are open until August 10th.  Visit Tabroom to submit your application:  If a team would like to submit qualitative data to augment a team's tabroom records, they can submit qualitative information via email to  All information will be kept confidential and disseminated only to the selection committee.

This year's Val A. Browning selection committee members are: Deven Cooper (CSU Long Beach), LaToya Green (CSU Fullerton) and Benjamin Hagwood (Liberty University).  Invitations are offered based solely on the committee's rankings of applicants.  The committee's rankings will be released by August 15th.

The tournament has a new web address:  You'll find the tournament invite and all relevant information for your fall trip to Ogden.

The booking link is now up:  Firm Septemeber 4th cut off for the $89 rate at the Courtyard Marriott.  7 nights in a quad occupancy double will run you just a hair under $800 after all taxes.

Val entry fees will be $100 per person and Mukai entry fees will be $60 per person

If there's anything you need between now and your arrival, please just let me know

Looking forward to seeing folks in September!

 on: July 18, 2016, 05:07:28 PM 
Started by GFrappier - Last post by GFrappier

A quick summer update on the Jesuit. We started accepting entries back in May and we are very excited to see the support from across the country for west coast debate and particularly for our tournament. We are just about to reach our cap on teams (83 entered as of this afternoon) so if you still want in you might want to go there and claim those last few spots. We'll also maintain a wait list and will notify teams when they are taken off the list (due to drops or if i can secure a few additional rooms). The competition looks to be very high caliber and we plan on hospitality meeting that same standard. Although this information is in the invite I also wanted to post the links for our tournament hotel as well as for the Marriott. Those are below. Both hotels are within walking distance to campus and the downtown area. Since we are bringing back the tournament I was conservative on our block size. Once it fills up i've been assured we can still get the tournament rate until they are sold out. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at or The Zags are looking forward to the start of the season and to hosting many of you in the PNW over Halloween weekend.



Our tournament hotel is the Red Lion Hotel at the Park. For the old timers out there this is the same hotel we used when we hosted the 2005 NDT. It’s a really nice hotel located on the Spokane River. There is a walking path along the river directly behind the hotel . The flat rate for doubles or King is $99 per night. Some perks of the tournament hotel:

-    Only a 15 minute walk from hotel to campus along the river walking path.
-    Complimentary shuttle to/from airport.
-    Complimentary internet. Pro-tip – If you join their rewards program you will get free upgraded/faster internet.
-    Downtown area is located a short walk across the river and through park. Lots of great restaurants and bars.
-    Free on-site parking.

The cut-off date is October 5th, 2016 at 5:00 pm PT.

At the hotel, wireless access will be available to guests of the hotel and to all participants in the conference rooms used for competition.

You can reserve rooms online here:

Or call 1-800-RED-LION (1-800733-5466) and request rooms under the Gonzaga University College Debate Tournament.

We have also reserved a small block of rooms at the Courtyard Marriott for the die-hard Marriott junkies. $109 for Kings and $119 for Double/Double. You can book those rooms online here:

Note: Marriott mistakenly labeled this the “Conway Classic” which is our high school tournament, but its definitely the link for the Jesuit. Sorry for any confusion and we’re working on getting that changed

 on: July 15, 2016, 11:57:19 AM 
Started by ceda - Last post by ceda
2016 - 2017 Resolution Announcement

57 schools voted. “Restrictions plus USFG” is the winning resolution. The resolution won with 37 first-place votes. The full wording is included. A complete breakdown of the votes is below. The list of schools voting is at the end.

Resolved: The United States Federal Government should establish a domestic climate policy, including at least substantially increasing restrictions on private sector emissions of greenhouse gases in the United States.

The first round of voting produced the following count of first-place votes.

Big aff climate: 10
Big aff Emissions: 5
Market-based: 11
Restrictions plus US: 9
Restrictions plus USFG: 10
Target - Paris: 4
Target - Paris Plus: 6
Target - 80%: 2

The votes for Target 80% were transferred. The second round of voting produced the following count of first-place votes.

Big aff climate: 10
Big aff Emissions: 5
Market-based: 11
Restrictions plus US: 9
Restrictions plus USFG: 10
Target - Paris: 6
Target - Paris Plus: 6

The votes for Big Aff Emissions were transferred. The third round of voting produced the following count of first-place votes.

Big aff climate: 15
Market-based: 11
Restrictions plus US: 9
Restrictions plus USFG: 10
Target - Paris: 6
Target - Paris Plus: 6

The votes for Target Paris and Target Paris Plus were transferred. The fourth round of voting produced the following count of first-place votes.

Big aff climate: 16
Market-based: 15
Restrictions plus US: 10
Restrictions plus USFG: 16

The votes for Restrictions Plus US were transferred. The fifth round of voting produced the following count of first-place votes.

Big aff climate: 18
Market-based: 15
Restrictions plus USFG: 24

The votes for Market-based were transferred. The sixth round of voting produced the following count of first-place place votes.

Big aff climate: 20
Restrictions plus USFG: 37

List of schools that voted:

Arizona State University
Baylor University
Binghamton University
Boston College
Clarion University
Concordia College
Cornell University
CSU Northridge
Dartmouth College
Emory University
Georgia State University
Gonzaga University
Idaho State University
Illinois College
Indiana University
James Madison University
Johnson County Community College
Kansas State University
Liberty University
Michigan State University
Missouri State University
New York University
Northwestern University
Rutgers University-Newark
Towson University
Trinity University
University of California, Berkeley
University of Central Oklahoma
University of Georgia
University of Houston
University of Iowa
University of Kansas
University of Kentucky
University of Louisville
University of Mary Washington
University of Miami
University of Michigan
University of Minnesota
University of Missouri - Kansas City
University of North Texas
University of Northern Iowa
University of Pittsburgh
University of Puget Sound
University of Texas
University of Texas at Dallas
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Wyoming
Vanderbilt University
Wake Forest
Wayne State
Weber State University
West Georgia
Wichita State University

 on: July 08, 2016, 07:07:56 PM 
Started by ceda - Last post by ceda
REMINDER: The ballot is due by midnight (central), Tuesday, July 12.
The original post is included.

EDIT: To clarify, the ballot is due Tuesday night.

The ballot for the 2016-2017 resolution is available online at:

Ballots are due by midnight (central), Tuesday, July 12. Results will be announced on Friday, July 15.

A complete list of the resolutions is below.

You'll need an authorized account on the main CEDA site (not the forums) in order to access the ballot. If you have trouble accessing the site, or if you need to authorize someone to vote on your behalf, contact Jeff Jarman,

One vote per school. 2015-2016 CEDA membership is required to vote. An updated list of CEDA members is available at:

If you need to pay the membership fee, that can be done online at:


(Big Aff-  Climate Change)
The United States should substantially increase domestic climate change mitigation measures in the private sector.

(Big Aff- Emissions)
The United States should increase climate mitigation measures to substantially reduce private sector emissions of greenhouse gases in the United States.

(Market-Based Regulations)
The United States Federal Government should establish market-based regulations on the private sector to: substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or substantially increase renewable electricity generation.

(Restrictions Plus - US)
The United States should establish a domestic climate policy, including at least substantially increasing restrictions on private sector emissions of greenhouse gases in the United States.

(Restrictions Plus - USFG)
The United States Federal Government should establish a domestic climate policy, including at least substantially increasing restrictions on private sector emissions of greenhouse gases in the United States.

(Target - Paris)
The United States Federal Government should increase domestic mitigation measures to meet or exceed its Nationally Determined Contribution under the Paris Agreement.

(Target - Paris + Carbon Pricing)
The United States should establish domestic mitigation measures, including at least a carbon pricing system, to meet or exceed its Nationally Determined Contribution under the Paris Agreement.

(Target - 80% below 2005)
The United States should establish domestic policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the United States to at least 80% below 2005 levels by 2050.

 on: June 29, 2016, 11:01:30 AM 
Started by Dan Fitzmier - Last post by Dan Fitzmier
Greetings from the Northwestern Debate Society.  I’m writing to announce that we will host the 54th Owen L. Coon Memorial Debates from February 4th through 6th, 2017.  We have agreed with Joel Rollins and the University of Texas Debate Team to resume our annual rotating schedule after Texas generously hosted three years in a row due to construction on the Northwestern campus.  Going forward, we have agreed that Northwestern will host in odd years and Texas will host in even years.  Texas will therefore host next in February 2018

We will post an extensive invitation and tournament guide as we nail down our final plans, but for now we wanted to share the basic information you need to plan your travel schedule.  Given the possibility of inclement weather, we will issue a snow-schedule in the final itinerary that will build in additional time for each debate.

Topic, Tabulation, and Team Numbers

We will debate the 2016-17 NDT-CEDA debate topic.  We will use our traditional format of eight preliminary debates followed by elimination debates breaking to the double-octafinals. We will employ side equalization and will break brackets as per tradition.  Gary Larson has graciously agreed to tabulate the tournament.   Northwestern is a member institution of the NDT, ADA, and CEDA; we will administer the tournament accordingly.

At this time, we hope to be able to accommodate all entries.  We may well have enough debating space on campus to do so.  However, in the interest of prudence we have set the entry cap at 120 teams.  Once we hit the cap your teams will be automatically added to the waitlist.  By then we will have more accurate information about how many rooms will be available on campus and will begin the process of raising the cap and working with large parties to ensure folks can bring as many teams as possible.

Transportation to Chicago and On Campus:

If you fly to Chicago, it is entirely possible to attend the tournament without having to rent additional ground transportation.  Hired cars and public transportation can get you to Evanston with ease from both O’Hare and Midway.  Once you are in the hotel, which is immediately adjacent to campus, Northwestern Debate will provide bus and shuttle service between the hotel and the debates on campus as needed. 

We are tremendously fortunate to have Northwestern alumna Cate Palczewski back with us to help administer the tournament alongside the current NU debaters and coaches. Fellow alumna Latonya Starks has also agreed to assist in our efforts to make our campus as accessible as possible for all tournament participants.  Further announcements regarding our accessibility program and contact information for participants with disabilities will follow in the official invitation and on this forum topic.  For now, suffice it to say that we are determined to make an extraordinary effort to assist all tournament participants with transportation and unique accommodations during the event, all the more so if we have challenging weather conditions.

Hotel and Tournament Pricing

We have reserved a large block of rooms at the Orrington.  The tournament rate will be $135 per night.  The Orrington has agreed to discount overnight parking for us, and we have arranged to provide free high speed internet for all tournament participants.  If needed we will add another block of rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn which is not much farther from campus than the Orrington.  We will include information regarding tournament fees in the invitation.

Tournament Provided Food

We traditionally provide breakfast and lunch on Saturday, all three meals on Sunday, and Breakfast and Lunch for the remaining tournament participants during the elimination debates on Monday.  We will provide the final details regarding tournament provided food in the invitation.

We are looking forward to see you in February!  I know I speak for the entire Debate Society and its alums when I say that hosting this event is something we look forward to; we are delighted that you will be joining us in Evanston again for a weekend of excellent debating after a three year stretch with our colleagues in Texas.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 


Daniel J. Fitzmier on behalf of the Northwestern Debate Society

 on: June 28, 2016, 09:59:55 AM 
Started by kelly young - Last post by kelly young
Wayne State is happy to announce that it will be hosting the newly christened Dr. George W. Ziegelmueller "The Ziggy" Invitational CEDA-NDT tournament October 22-24, 2016. 7 rds, 3 divisions, ADA and CEDA sanctioned. Please join us in the Motor City! Invite and register at

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