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 on: June 04, 2018, 09:42:20 AM 
Started by Avery_Henry - Last post by Avery_Henry
Southeast Missouri State University is looking to hire a debate coach. This is a one year temporary position with the expectation that it will become tenure track the following year. The team has traditionally done NEDA but from my experience the coach has the freedom to do what they want with the program.

The job call is below:

Term Instructor—One-Year Appointment

Rhetorical Studies and Debate

Department of Communication Studies

Primary Responsibilities

The instructor of Communication Studies will teach courses in public address, argumentation & debate, political communication, and other courses in area of expertise or departmental need. Ideally, the applicant will also oversee an award-winning debate program focused on civic advocacy. The candidate will teach the equivalent of a 12-hour course load per semester with three hours of the load devoted to debate duties.

Required Qualifications

* Ph.D. or ABD in Communication Studies (traditionally known as Speech Communication). Degree must be from a regionally accredited or internationally accredited/ government certified university.

* Public Address, Argumentation, or Debate training appropriately aligned with position responsibilities

* Successful/relevant experience teaching at the college/university level

* Demonstrated commitment to public address/debate as a means of civic engagement

* Strong written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills

* Commitment to collegiality when interacting with others within the University community

* Commitment to working with multi-cultural populations and awareness of issues affecting women and minorities

As a public regional university (with a graduate mission), Southeast seeks candidates with a commitment to excellent undergraduate (and graduate) education and student success within the framework of the teacher-scholar model.

Application Deadline: The position is available August, 2018 and will remain open until filled. To ensure full consideration, applications must be received by June 19, 2018.

Required Information: To apply, please e-mail the following items to Glen Williams, Chairperson of Communication Studies, at

* Brief letter of interest addressing position requirements

* Current curriculum vitae

* Unofficial copies of transcripts (official transcripts are required when offer of employment is accepted)

* Name and contact information of two references

Departmental Information: The Department of Communication Studies serves approximately 210 majors. Additional information available at:

University Facts: Southeast Missouri State University is a comprehensive regional state university with seven colleges and schools, 11,500 students, and a faculty and staff of over 1,100. Southeast, a moderately selective institution, offers baccalaureate, masters and specialist degrees, and participates in joint doctoral programs with the University of Missouri. Cape Girardeau, a historic city overlooking the Mississippi River, is the hub of a thriving county with a population of approximately 71,000. Serving a region of more than 500,000 people, it is the largest center for retail, medical, manufacturing, communications, and cultural activities between St. Louis and Memphis.


 on: June 04, 2018, 09:19:23 AM 
Started by rtb178 - Last post by rtb178

The Northwestern University School of Communication seeks an Associate Director of Debate for the Northwestern Debate Society.  The ideal candidate will combine administrative acumen, facility with technology and data management, and high-level intercollegiate debate coaching experience. The Associate Director will be expected to support Debate Society activities on and off-site as well as travel to tournaments according to program needs.

One of the most successful programs in the history of the activity, the Northwestern University Debate Society has an outstanding tradition of academic and competitive excellence.  The Associate Director is expected to help continue that tradition at the highest levels of national competition through effective organization and leadership skills. A graduate degree (M.A. or higher) is preferred.

The Associate Director reports to the Director of Forensics, and will aid the Director with administrative responsibilities such as travel arrangements, technology and data collection, budgeting, supervision of the speech team, and organizing on-campus events such as the bi-annual Owen L Coon Invitational. The Associate Director will also represent the program on-campus through student programming and collaboration on strategic initiatives. The Associate Director will also participate in organizing and promoting the Northwestern Debate Institutes held each summer.
For full consideration, please send an email, subject line “Associate Director of Debate Application,” that includes a cover letter, updated curriculum vitae, evidence of effectiveness in coaching and/or teaching, and contact information for three (3) references to both Randall Bush at and Dan Fitzmier at Consideration of applicants will begin immediately.
Northwestern University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Hiring is contingent on eligibility to work in the United States.

 on: May 30, 2018, 02:00:24 PM 
Started by BurnsRW - Last post by BurnsRW
A friend of mine at UCC requested that I post this -- they are looking for a policy debate coach for the 2018-2019 school year.  See the job description and contact information below.

Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School is looking for a talented and passionate debate coach to serve high school students in Brooklyn, NY for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Our high school is looking to develop project-based learning through extracurricular programs and electives courses. The debate coach will passionately serve the mission of empowering students to develop public speaking skills necessary for college and beyond. The debate coach is expected to teach from 2:30-4:30 on Wednesday afternoons, with the additional responsibility of attending regional debate tournaments, as needed. Compensation is commensurate upon experience.

We are looking for a driven and enthusiastic coach with experience in debate and teaching. Dependent upon education and experience, this position can be part or full-time.

A full-time coach would be expected to teach a Speech and Debate Electives course during school hours.

Uncommon Collegiate is looking for candidates with the following qualifications:
 Experience in either teaching or competing in debate or speech
 Commitment to attending regional, state, or national tournaments, as needed
 Commitment to continuously improving curriculum and instruction to close achievement gaps
 Completed or currently persisting in a 4-year college or university
 Ability to communicate concepts in a direct and concise manner

Interested candidates should contact Samantha Pinto at

 on: May 29, 2018, 01:00:17 PM 
Started by jstidham - Last post by jstidham
This is a combined elevator pitch for both the voting rights and presidential removal TAPs. Myself, Michael Wimsatt, and Will Repko wanted to engage in a cross-aisle conversation about our respective thoughts on these topic proposals. Will and Michael authored the post on voting rights, and I authored the section on the presidential removal topic from a critical perspective. Both are brief posts (we promise) designed to add to the topic conversations and help teams in their decision-making process.



 on: May 26, 2018, 09:23:05 AM 
Started by SherryHall - Last post by SherryHall
From: Matt Schnall

Sad for the students, but happy for you, Joel. Congratulations on an outstanding career, and thanks for being a thoughtful, diligent, and compassionate educator, as a coach and as a judge.

 on: May 25, 2018, 08:34:44 AM 
Started by SherryHall - Last post by SherryHall
From Michelle Lancaster:

The beauty of collegiate cross ex debate is manifested many ways but maybe most by how much I adore Joel Rollins and how little he knows how much I model my managerial life while mentoring kids on sustainability on him. Having smart and compassionate sponsors literally put me as a director at at fortune 25 company before I was 35.

Thank the pulled pork god you were there to reinforce the idea that I was smart, could run shit and had earned everyhungovershrill bit of this voice. You took me seriously when I didn’t take me seriously. Thanks for that

 on: May 24, 2018, 03:13:40 PM 
Started by SherryHall - Last post by SherryHall
As some of you may know, Joel Rollins is retiring from coaching debate next week.  I write this in response to Kate's call for people to recount their memories of Joel.
It is difficult to know where to begin to express my feelings toward Joel.  When I was 17, I showed up at North Texas State University without really knowing what to expect.  I was the first in my family to attend college.  The one thing that I knew I wanted to do was join the debate team.  I found the debate coach, John Gossett, and went to his office to find out how to join.  It was his first year at UNT as well.  He told me that another person had just left his office who also wanted to join the debate team.  He handed me a piece of paper with Joel’s name and phone number on it.  I called him, got directions, and drove out to his house (he was a Denton local) and thus began one of the most enduring relationships of my life. 
We debated together for three years (as he was a year ahead of me in school).  He taught me a lot about debate, but the real significance of our relationship is the impact he had on my personal growth.  I grew up never really questioning my conservative upbringing.  Joel, along with Gossett and Laura, challenged me to ask questions and discover my own beliefs.  I have to say that I don’t believe I have ever met a person who is more kind and caring than Joel.  He has such a big heart and a tremendous amount of compassion for others.  He is definitely my role model for how to treat other people, especially people that you have disagreements with.
Joel was very adept at debate strategy.  He had a knack for coming up with really clever affirmative cases.  He was meticulously organized.  When we first started debating we debated off of cards – yes actual index cards.  The affirmative cards were filed in a brief case with two dividers so that there were three rows of cards.  Joel didn’t use any dividers within the three rows.  He could just reach into the briefcase and find the card or cards that he wanted.  It always amazed me and I never attempted to refile or touch the briefcase full of cards at all.  If I needed a card for the 1AR I would just lean over to him and ask for the card.  Many times, he was already handing it to me before I even asked.
Over the years we have remained very close friends.  We are one of the few teams where both members loved debate so much that each of us decided to become debate coaches professionally.  He helped me cook the food for the College tournament for several years.  This is not something that just any old friend will do.  We taught a workshop lab together for a few summers.  I echo comments made by Kate and others that Joel has infinite patience with kids and is a fantastic teacher.  We have not always agreed on everything, but I can honestly say that we have never had a fight.  I can’t even remember ever having an argument with him in 37 years.  I am really going to miss seeing him at tournaments, but I know that Ava, Charlie and Kristina deserve to see him more.  I also agree that you three deserve a big thank you for sharing Joel with the rest of us all these years.
I wish you best of luck with the next phase of your life, my friend.

 on: May 24, 2018, 11:55:51 AM 
Started by SherryHall - Last post by SherryHall
From Sara Romine:

This #tbt gem goes out to Joel Rollins, who is retiring next week as the Director of Debate at The University of Texas. 🤘 Joel, you’ve had a profound impact on my life and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. You’re brilliant, kind, and patient. You inspire and empower, and you taught me to have fun while kicking a little ass. 😉 You encouraged me to partner with Alex, insisted that I was cut out for law school and law firm life (I forgive you), and have always given the best advice on life and love. You’re a true mentor and I adore you. Thank you doesn’t capture the enormous debt we owe you. Enjoy retirement and come see us in Dallas. We’ll enjoy bottles of good wine on Alex. Hook ‘em.

 on: May 24, 2018, 11:54:04 AM 
Started by SherryHall - Last post by SherryHall
From Kevin Johnson:

Joel Rollins is simply one of a kind. The opportunities he has provided for me are out of this world. I love him. He is compassionate, kind, wicked smart, and a great friend. Retirement is a gigantic milestone, marked by the simple recognition that he is irreplaceable. He has been Texas Debate for as long as I have known Texas Debate. Happy retirement Joel Rollins!! We'll hope to visit you this summer.

 on: May 24, 2018, 11:53:24 AM 
Started by SherryHall - Last post by SherryHall
From Kevin Kuswa:

Joel, hugs and congratulations! You mean more to me and my family than you know. I would never have had the patience to earn my PhD, let alone coach debate, without your guidance and strength as a role model. From the bottom of the valleys to the glory of the peaks (and we had many of both!), you always had deep and insightful perspective and, above all, compassion for those around you. I remember the very first UTNIF when you told me that we had the opportunity to improve debate in Texas and secure support for the team, but that we had to be diligent and make sure that every single student got better—that the novices at the camp might be the most important students we ever worked with, and that instilling a love for debate was more important than file production. You taught us all many things, not just about Elimite, Castilian food intake expanders, Rod Hart’s paper preferences, the importance of a good breakfast taco, playing defense without expending too much energy, and Velveeta art, but really about teaching and living life. Among those many lessons, three in particular stand out:

1. Everyone is a human being and should be treated as such. It didn’t matter who was crashing on whose sofa, who wore shoes, who was or was not currently on the team, who needed some extra change in their pocket or in the mind, who could or could not get a first round, or who was uplifting and who was an Eyeore. Life is about offering second, third, and fourth chances because writing someone off meant writing everyone off. Caring comes first and you’ve always exemplified that, whether it meant playing silent frisbee in front of the police at 2:00am, finishing up the diseases case hit that no one else would do against Michigan’s aff, having your GAs’ backs no matter the circumstances, asking how someone was doing and really meaning it, or simply listening when someone needed a kind ear.

2. In addition to compassion, humor is the glue. It’s not just about telling a good story (ask Joel about the big garbage bags and the cows for a start), it’s about knowing when to remind folks to pack before they journey, knowing who has something hilarious to share but might need a smile for encouragement, finding a way to laugh with someone and not at them, and being willing to guffaw with abandon. You showed us that we have to be able to laugh at ourselves and that the comic is needed to smooth the tragic (even if Burke is still milk toast Smiley ). Whether the longhorns were winning or losing debates, you always brought levity and reminded us of the larger picture—I remember brody and Emerson being anxious about a big elim at the NDT one year and you getting in a tickling battle with Eric to lighten the mood and help the group focus, I remember calling you about a housing quandary at SDSU one year and you reminding me that most of the debaters had even more bizarre roommates to deal with back on campus, I remember you explaining that it’s ok to give out lots of As because some teachers won’t, and I remember you suggesting (only jokingly) that we could deal with a dispute with a baseball camp at the UTNIF by conducting midnight speed drills in the halls.

3. Pedagogy first, the rest will follow. Stapp used to say, “It’s the UNFIT because Joel is teaching us that we are all unfit in some way and we have to find ways to be flawed together.” You taught us that praxis is more important than product and that we are all students of each other—indeed, the students come first. You taught us that debate is hard work not for work’s sake, but because effort is necessary for growth. You taught us that thinking about class is not about studying for a test, but about confronting inequality on all levels. You taught us that it’s ok to cry sometimes. And you taught us that taking risks is the basis for arguments that matter, whether it was supporting some of the first radically critical positions in the community (the tightening of the gyre, the mid-90s versions of Baudrillard ((wow, that may have gone south!—we should have heeded your suggestion to use Murray Edelman instead)), the criticisms of consumption, or simply some good old Marxism), or working on a case negative that included a qualification debate and used the aff’s authors’ against the solvency. You helped us all strive for consensus in our collective pedagogy because democracy can become just an easy way to avoid the potential inherent in struggle. And, above all else, you taught us that pedagogy is love—love for the process, love for deep thinking, love for overcoming difficulties through collaboration, and love for each other.

It’s a massive understatement to say you have done incredibly outstanding work down in Austin, Joel—there is no Texas Debate without you and the huge number of students you have mentored and coached will always have you in their hearts. You have nurtured a mammoth family that will continue to thrive and impart these and other profound lessons for ages to come. More time with Kristina and Ava & Charlie is much deserved for you all (infinite thanks to them for sharing your light with us) and I’m sure the forthcoming chapters will be rich and fulfilling. Even twenty years after having had the privilege to coach for you, I come back to your example every day. All of us are better because of your influence and, even more significantly, we know that when we forget to ask WWJRD, you are not going to say “I told you so;” rather, you’ll offer a bear hug and say, “What can I do to help?” Thank you so so much for everything and keep on keeping on! All ways and always Hook ‘em! Kevin

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