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Binghamton - Prefs, Internet, Parking, Etc.
« on: September 15, 2010, 05:05:04 PM »
Registration is now closed and the pref system is open for policy. It is an ordinal system. You have until Friday at 10am to complete them if you want them to be in effect for round one. Any changes in registration should be e-mailed to myself and Mike Davis for policy. Any changes in registration for Worlds should be e-mailed to myself and Tuna. The list of Worlds contestants is attached to this e-mail as well. With all our divisions combined, including Worlds, our tournament is just a handful of participants short of Georgia State from my rough math. That means this weekend there will be over 800 people participating in debate on the East Coast! Next year, we'll make it over 1,000!

Wireless is available to all tournament participants. You will have to make sure your computer is updated with all needed virus software etc, and will have to run a check of your system in order to make sure it's up to par. Depending on your computer this is either very quick or a bit tedious. Once you've done that the username for everyone is "guesta200" and the password is "debate2010".

For parking, you should park in the metered spaces by the Fine Arts building (directions in the invite) where you've parked in past years. For this Friday, they will ticket up until 4pm. It is free after that and free throughout the weekend. It's 25 cents for half and hour. Registration starts at 3pm so I figure this will cost you 50 to 75 cents per van. If you get a ticket let me know, the Deputy of Police on campus said he'll work with us in regards to mistakes they may happen.

We are also happy to announce that all our apples, pears, and sweet corn will be coming from local farms that will have the best taste that only non-GMO produce can provide. Remind your teams about our waste-free attempt and to deposit recyclables in recycling bins and to use classroom garbage cans only for compostables (paper, food, etc). The garbage bags we will be using are 100% compostable, as is the plates, and napkins we'll be providing. All silverware is recyclable. We will be calling animal flesh leftovers compostable as well even though most compost FAQs say not to. We, however, have a bunch of foxes that like to scavenge through our compost pile so I'm sure they'll be happy with all your waste (and will ideally stop picking off my chickens one by one).

I look forward to seeing you all this Friday!

joe leeson-schatz
director of debate at binghamton university
campaigns coordinator of the binghamton/vestal vegan association