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« on: September 20, 2010, 06:00:20 AM »
Hi, everyone!  I hope all of you had a safe trip back from Binghamton.  On behalf of the WVU Debate Team, I want to thank Joe Leeson-Schatz and the entire Bearcat family for a wonderful weekend.  The fresh local produce was great, the effort to make the tournament waste-free was tremendous, and the Binghamton team did everything possible to put on a first-class tournament.  Those who attend CEDA Nationals in March will be in for a treat.

I want to pay special tribute to the tab room staff of Christy Webster Dunn and Michael K. Davis, who overcame many obstacles, technological, logistical, and human, to keep the tournament running well.  Their efforts made it possible to hold a 100 team tournament, spread over several buildings, with as little disruption as possible.