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A. Craig Baird Invitational at Iowa
Reasons to attend
- Cheap entry and hotels
- Strong regional competition
- Great hospitality in Iowa City, a fun college town.
Hotel Information
The tournament hotel is the “Iowa House” which is located in the Iowa Memorial Union on Madison St. on campus. We’ve secured a block of doubles at a rate of $70/night. This includes free parking and internet. The hotel has wireless on some floors and some wired Ethernet rooms. Mention “Debate” while making the reservation. Rooms will be released on Nov. 3, but if rooms in the hotel are still available after that date, the tournament rate will still be given.
Contact Info:
We’re committed to providing top-flight hospitality while still maintaining affordable fees. We’ll have a flat fee $40/person rate that will cover food and trophies. We will not make any profit on the tournament.
Breakfast on Sat. and Sunday mornings – including Saturday breakfast bar with pancakes and BACON.
Coffee at all times
Lunch on Sat and Sunday from fine local eateries – not Jimmy John’s. Actual food that people want to eat. No offense to Jimmy John’s, but they need to step their game up.
Judging Requirements
Each team will be required to provide 3 rounds of preliminary judging. All judges are committed for the first elimination debate and one round after their team has been eliminated.
All coaches are expected to make themselves available for at least some judging and will be on the pref sheet.
Prelim rounds must be decided within two hours and thirty minutes of the posted start time of the debate. The tab room will flip a coin to determine the winner when the judge cannot decide in time.
Judges must vote for one and only one team in each debate and must assign speaker points and ranks in prelim rounds.
Tournament Administration Details
The tournament will feature six preliminary rounds of two-person, switch-sides, cross-examination debate on the national topic in the standard 9-3-6 format. We will attempt to offer three divisions, Open, JV and Novice, depending on entry levels.
We will use a 30 point scale with half point increments.
We will use some level of mutual preference judging – depending on entry levels. Tabulation will be done by Josh Gonzalez.
All rounds (defined as the speeches and judge critiques) are open to the public and may be electronically recorded for private educational use by any tournament participants (registered coaches, debaters and helpers, and Iowa tournament staff) only. Public distribution of such recordings is expressly prohibited unless the consent of all people on the recording is obtained.
All participants debate at the invitation of the University of Iowa according to its tournament rules as well as any rules of their sponsoring institutions. We abide by all rules and norms of CEDA and the AFA, including but not limited to CEDA's sexual harassment policy.
Schedule (tentative)
Friday December 3
1-3 pm      Registration
3 pm -       Pairings released Rounds 1&2
4 pm -       Round 1
7 pm -      Round 2
Saturday December 4
8 am -       Breakfast and Pairings
9 am -       Round 3
Noon -       Round 4
2 pm -       Lunch
3 pm-      Round 5
6 pm -       Round 6
Sunday December 5
8 am -       Breakfast and Elim Pairings
9 am -       Start of first elimination debate