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Sun Devil Invitational
« on: September 30, 2010, 04:48:33 PM »
Here's the Invitation for the ASU tournament and speech swing with SCUDL.

The highlights:

1. We’re cheap! The hotels are inexpensive, we charge only $50 per team for debate and $8 per IE slot.

2. We’re easy! The airport is 10 minutes from campus, the hotels are less than a 10 minute walk from the debates, food is directly across the street from the building you will compete in.

3. We’re beautiful! Well… the campus is at least. And with an average temperature of 68 in late October, the weather is gorgeous!

4. We’re spooky! That’s right, we’ll have awards for the best costumes.

5. We’re full service! We’re planning on hosting Novice, JV, and Open divisions of policy AND we’ll host a speech swing with CSU Fullerton benefitting the Southern California Urban Debate League on Saturday and Sunday.


The Arizona State University Forensics Team and the California State University Fullerton Forensics Team cordially invite you to join us in Tempe on October 30-Nov 1 for debate competition in 3 divisions (Novice, JV, and Varsity) and speech competition in all 11 AFA events. Registration will take place Friday evening, the 29th. Our campus is beautiful, the average temperature for late October is 68 degrees, everything is in walking distance, and the local food options are fantastic.

Hotel Information: Ask for the “ASU Debate” rate

The Courtyard Marriott and the Twin Palms have each set aside a block of rooms.

Courtyard Marriott - $79 doubles or kings
601 South Ash Avenue
Tempe, Arizona 85281 USA
Phone:  1-480-966-2800

Twin Palms Hotel - $72 doubles or kings
Address: 225 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, 85281
Phone: 1-800-367-0835

If you are flying in to Phoenix, the Sky Harbor Airport is 10 minutes from our campus. You can easily make this trip without renting a vehicle. The Twin Palms has a shuttle that will pick you up and drop you off for free (tip them!). The Courtyard Marriott is one block from a light rail station, which is easily accessed from Sky Harbor airport. Both hotels are across the street from campus – The Courtyard Marriott is right next to Mill Avenue, with lots of food options. Both hotels are walk-able distance for students (under 10 minutes). Both feature free wireless internet.

All entries must be finalized 8pm Pacific time, Tuesday October 26th.
Preferences for policy debate will be turned on Tuesday night and will be due at noon on Friday, October 29th.

Policy Debate

$25 school fee, $50 per team. $100 judging fee per uncovered team. One judge covers 6 rounds / 2 teams. We encourage you to cover your judging commitments, as there are not a lot of hired judge options in Phoenix. Hired judges will be provided on a first come, first served basis.

Students are required to debate the topic selected for the 2010-11 season by a vote of the Cross Examination Debate Association membership. The precise wording of this year’s topic is Resolved: the United States Federal Government should substantially increase the number of and/or substantially expand beneficiary eligibility for its visas for one or more of the following: employment-based immigrant visas, nonimmigrant temporary worker visas, family-based visas, human trafficking-based visas.

Tournament Procedures:
We’d like to especially encourage folks to bring their Novice and JV debaters to our tournament.

We will not break brackets. Hybrid teams are permitted. Prior to the tournament, maverick entries are NOT accepted. Once the tournament begins, maverick situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The tournament employs the 9-3-6 format with ten minutes of preparation time allocated to each team. We continue to employ a mutual preference judging (MPJ) placement system. ASU teams may compete in the tournament. If so, they are eligible to receive speaker awards and to compete in elimination rounds. We will enter via the web page and declare our participation publicly. We subscribe to CEDA’s policy against Sexual Harassment and Discrimination.

Each judge will be required to declare one and only one and one and only one loser in each debate to which they are assigned by the tab room. Judges will also be required to assign speaker points and speaker ranks to each participant in the debate. In each debate, speakers are rated on a scale of 1-30, including tenths of a point, with NO TIES. Speaker ranks are accepted in whole numbers only from 1 to 4. Judges are also required to render a decision in accordance with the aforementioned criteria no more than 2.5 hours beyond the designated start time of any debate that they are assigned by the tab room to adjudicate. Judges are expected to disqualify themselves from hearing any team or school with which they may have a personal or professional conflict. Conflicts may be entered in the comments section of the judge entry section at
Please don’t bring sick debaters to the tournament. We’ve personally had several students become ill after interacting with sick students at other tournaments and we’d like to avoid spreading illness across schools.

Expected Schedule

Saturday – All Rounds in Durham Language and Literature (LL)
8am – Round 1
10:30am – Round 2
12:30pm – Lunch (on your own)
2:00pm – Round 3
5:30pm – Round 4

Sunday – All Rounds in Durham Language and Literature (LL)
9am – Round 5
noon – Lunch (on your own)
1:00pm – Round 6
4pm – Awards
5pm – Elim #1

Monday – Rounds at the Memorial Union (MU)
9am – Remaining elims commence.

We will clear teams to elims in accordance with CEDA rules.

Individual Events:

   Any regularly enrolled undergraduate student who has not completed 8 semesters of forensic competition may enter. NO COMPETITOR MAY USE MATERIALS USED BY THAT STUDENT IN COMPETITION PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 1, 2007. A contestant may not use the same cutting/content or any portion of that cutting/content in more than one prepared event. ASU freshman and sophomores will be eligible to compete at the Sun Devil Invitational. All ASU students will be eligible at the SCUDL tournament.

   Three preliminary rounds will be offered in one open division in all 11 NIET events. Semifinals will be held in events that have over 60 contestants and finals will be held in all events. Events will be offered in two conflict patterns. Students may enter a maximum of 3 events per pattern with no more than 2 duos.

Each slot will cost $8. 1 Judge covers 6 slots. Each uncovered slot will cost a judge fee of $10. Each event dropped after 8pm, Tuesday October 26th will incur an $8 drop fee. For the ASU half of the swing, please make checks payable to “ASU Forensics”. For the SCUDL half of the swing, please make checks payable to “SCUDL”.

Pattern A: Extemp, Prose, POI, Informative, CA
Pattern B: Duo, ADS, Drama, Impromptu, Persuasive, Poetry

Sweepstakes Awards:
Each half of the swing will present sweepstakes awards to the Top Community College and the top 3 Colleges overall. Sweepstakes points will be assigned on the following basis:

1st place 12 points
2nd place 9 points
3rd place 6 points
Finalist 3 points
Semi-finalist 1 point

Expected Schedule
(subject to change if any events need to go to semis)

Saturday, October 30 – Sun Devil Invitational
8:15 AM – Extemp draw
8:30 AM – A1 (Extemp, Prose, POI, Informative, CA)
9:45 AM – Extemp draw
10:00 AM – A2
11:15 AM – B1 (Duo, ADS, Drama, Impromptu, Persuasive, Poetry)
12:15 PM – Lunch on your own
1:15 PM – B2
2:30 PM – Extemp draw
2:45 PM – A Finals
4:00 PM – B Finals
6:00 PM – Awards

Sunday, October 31 – SCUDL @ ASU
8:15 AM – Extemp draw
8:30 AM – A1 (Extemp, Prose, POI, Informative, CA)
9:45 AM – Extemp draw
10:00 AM – A2
11:15 AM – B1 (Duo, ADS, Drama, Impromptu, Persuasive, Poetry)
12:15 PM – Lunch on your own
1:15 PM – B2
2:30 PM – Extemp draw
2:45 PM – A Finals
4:00 PM – B Finals
6:00 PM – Awards