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Thanks to Richmond
« on: October 12, 2010, 01:58:26 PM »
CUNY wanted to say thanks to Richmond for once again hosting an amazingly welcoming tournament.  It's always great to see all of the Richmond alumni who continue to assist with the program each year.  We're especially thankful for all of the transportation assistance from Ashley, Travis, James, and Keeton that allowed us to continue to attend the tournament this year post-Coalition.

Like any tournament, there were a few bumps, but the Spiders did a a good job of making corrections as quickly and as graciously as possible, and we appreciate the difficulties that come not only with a new tab program, but with still attempting to provide the same level of community and educational support (yay Novice Teach-Ins!) year after year.  It was also nice to see a potential emerging program from VACC be able to take advantage of the Teach-In and to meet the BRCC folks as well.

Thanks for having us again, and we look forward to next year!