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Post-Tournament notes
« on: October 19, 2010, 01:44:40 PM »
1) Thanks to everyone for participating in the biggest and best UNLV tournament yet.  This year we hosted amost 130 teams across all 3 divisions from approximately 40 different colleges and universities.

2) Congrats to Varsity final round participants Northwestern GL and Varsity champs Loyola Marymonut EM on a great tournament.
Also congrats to JV final round participants Wisconsin Oshkosh II and JV champs Oklahoma CM and Novice final round participants Cal State Fullerton PW and Novice champs Arizona State SY (By the way, this ASU team did NOT drop a single ballot throughout the entire tournament--pretty darn impressive)

3) Yes... I know that the debateresults results page for our tourney do not reflect the actual speaker awards or accurate seeding.  The REAL results are posted here at CEDAforums as PDFs (symonds posted them).  For some reason debateresults did not take account of speaker points in round 7.  I have communicated this to Symonds, and he tried to re-upload, but that didn't fix the problem.  Bruschke is on it and it will be handled soon.

4) If you have any thoughts or suggestions for next year's tournament, please feel free to backchannel me at
We'd appreciate any feedback you may want to offer.