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As an FYI, an advisee of mine will be attending the Liberty Tournament with the Clarion Debate Team to film debates as part of a 1 credit independent study in the Comm Department, and this happens to be a weekend that he is available to tag along.  This is not going to be turned into some film that will be distributed publicly.  It may become a small piece on a Clarion University TV news broadcast and it may become a promotional video that the team uses in the future (both of which would require my approval).  The student's name is Ryan Litzinger.  He is nice and will try to stay out of the way.  If he is filming a debate with Clarion and you or one of your team's are in that debate, we will have a waiver form available if you don't mind being filmed.  I know the AFA gives us permission to film our own stuff but it is our/his goal to accommodating to everyone.