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Cal Invite
« on: November 05, 2010, 11:27:21 AM »
The University of California, Berkeley is pleased to announce the 8th Annual
Cal Invitational Debates to be held on our campus on January 15-17, 2011.
The tournament will offer six preliminary rounds of team topic debate as
well as appropriate elimination rounds in open, junior and novice divisions. The
preliminary rounds will be held on the main Berkeley campus with the
elimination rounds held at the tournament hotel. The tournament hotel this year is a new facility, the Walnut Creek Marriott. This hotel has offered us the rate of $89 per night with free parking and free interne. This is a full service convention style Marriott property that will host the elimination rounds for the tournament on Monday January 17th. Attendees may make their reservations by calling (925) 934-2000 or (800) 828-5613 and identifying themselves with University of California Forensics The cutoff date for the event is December 12 and it is possible our block will be full before then. Though this hotel is new to the college tournament we have used it in prior years for our high school tournament and it is an excellent facility. It is about 15-20 minutes from our campus and is located near BART and downtown Walnut Creek which is a shopping and dining destination.

For general info about the hotel go to

We are pleased to be able to host this tournament at Berkeley. We think that
lots of our friends from across the nation will enjoy the opportunity to
visit out beautiful campus and enjoy everything the Bay Area has to offer.

Additional information will be available over the course of the next few
months, but we wanted to get an early invite out to let folks know we were
having a tournament. If you have any additional questions please let me


Jonah Feldman
Director of Forensics, UC Berkeley

Transportation: I strongly urge those flying to use Oakland International. It is much closer to campus, much easier to navigate and often much cheaper as it is served by discount carriers Southwest and JetBlue. You will need to rent a vehicle if you are flying. This year the tournament will not provide an evidence shuttle or any other form of transportation.

Parking: Parking is free at the hotel but not on campus. We will have a limited number of parking permits available for sale for $30 for Saturday and Sunday. This is generally cheaper than you will find in Berkeley and much closer. If you wish to order a parking permit or permits please email that request to me as soon as possible.
Hospitality: We will offer a continental breakfast each morning on campus and will also provide lunch on both days of the tournament as well.

Campus Policies: The Berkeley Campus is a smoke-free campus. There is no
smoking in ANY building on campus. PLEASE abide by this policy so that we
may continue to use these facilities in subsequent years. The Berkeley
campus is also a drug and alcohol free campus.

Entry Information: Online entry is required at

Procedures: Brackets will not be broken in elimination rounds and sides in elims will be determined by a coin flip between the opponents unless they met in the preliminary rounds. Hybrids and mavericks will be allowed on a case by case basis and only in extraordinary circumstances. Our tournament supports and adheres to the CEDA Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy.

Divisions: We will use the joint CEDA-NDT policy topic. We will offer Open
(any undergraduate meeting AFA eligibility requirements)and Junior (any
undergraduate in their first or second year of intercollegiate debate or any
student that meets the CEDA definition of a JV debater) and Novice (any undergraduate in their first year of debate that meets the CEDA definition of a novice debater). We reserve the right to collapse divisions if entries warrant. In the Varsity division we will clear all 4-2 teams under the following conditions: should entries warrant, we will clear to a full double-octo final (assuming we have 64 entries in the division). Absent that a partial double-octo-final round will be held ONLY if it would involve 8 teams or 4 debates. In the event that fewer than 4 partial debates would occur, we will cut 4-2’s on points and other tie-breakers and will recognize teams not advancing at the awards ceremony.

Time Limits: The time limits will be 9-3-6 with 10 minutes prep.

Fees: Fees will be $50 per person attending the event. This includes competitors, coaches and observers.

Judging: Each school is expected to provide one judge per two teams they
bring. Each judge will be obligated for through the octafinal or one round beyond the elimination of their team. We will use preference/strike sheets for prelims and elims. All
judges are expected to render a decision within 2 hours and 45 minutes of the start time of the debate. Failure to do so will result in the tournament deciding the outcome of the debate with a coin toss. Each judge must designate one, and only one, team as the winner of the debate. Points may be awarded on the 30 point scale using tenth points. All judges are obligated through the octafinals of varsity or one round beyond the elimination of your team.

Questions: If you need to get in touch with me, please email

Schedule of Events

Friday January 14th
7-9 PM Registration: Marriott

Saturday January 15th
7:00 AM Late registration on campus in Dwinelle Hall: Pairings released on
campus and at Marriott: continental breakfast on campus
8:00 AM Round 1
11:00 AM Round 2
1:00 PM Lunch (provided on campus)
2:30 PM Round 3
6:00 PM Round 4
Coaches Reception at Marriott following round 4.

Sunday January 16th
7:30 AM Round 5 pairings released on campus and at Marriott: continental breakfast on campus
8:30 AM Round 5
11:00 Lunch (on campus)
12:00 PM Round 6
3:30 PM Awards Ceremony
4:15 PM First Elimination Round in all divisions
Coaches reception at Marriott as well as posting of teams reaching
elimination rounds following round 6

Monday January 17 th
7:00 AM Pairings for elimination rounds released at Marriott
8:00 AM Varsity Octafinals at Marriott
11:00 AM Subsequent varsity elimination rounds and initial novice and JV elims