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Author Topic: Monmouth tab info--please read carefully  (Read 2162 times)
neil berch
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« on: November 11, 2010, 01:12:57 PM »

Hi, everyone!  Many announcements (please read carefully):

1.        Entries are now closed.  Please email any late changes to me if they occur before 9 am Friday.  After that, please text them to me at 412-445-3957, or call if you need to.  I’ll be in transit most of Friday.

2.       Prefs are now open (details below).  They will close (if you want to have them go into effect for round 1) at 10:00 pm on Friday.

3.       Thanks to generous donations from Rutgers-Newark (which will soon have to be called an “emerged” program),  CUNY, and a school that is in the very western part of the region,  we now have a pretty decent judging cushion.  This will enable more robust prefs.  It will also help us deal with the fact that we will be losing some rounds due to the proliferation of Novice-only judges.

4.       The pref scheme that Christy used last week would have some drawbacks with this week’s entries.  CUNY, which has generously provided extra judging, would be punished for this.  They would have no Cs after accounting for their constraints.  For that and other reasons, we will use a 6 category system.

5.       Dr. Leeson-Schatz of Binghamton will also be joining the tab team in a part-time role (he will judge as well).

6.       There are 39 judges eligible to hear debates in the Novice division.  The instructions on the Bruschke page are correct with regard to that division.  You need (at least) 8 in each of categories 1 through 4, 5 for category 5, and 2 for category 6 (strike).   Conflicts count as category 5.  If you use up all of category 5 on conflicts, the remaining conflicts count as category 4.  This still disadvantages CUNY (and to a lesser extent WVU), but not as much as the other system.

7.       For the Open division, there are 27 eligible judges.  You should place (at least) 7 judges in category 1, and 6 judges in category 2.  You may place 4 judges in categories 3 through 5, and you get two strikes (category 6).  Again, constrained judges count as 5s; remaining constrained judges count as 4s.

8.       Given this system, preference becomes more important than mutuality.  Thus, we will try to place judges in roughly the following order:  11, 22, 12, 33, 23, 13, 44, 34, 24, 55.  We will not place strikes (except see below), and we will endeavor not to place judges you rate as a 5.

9.       Exceptions:  once a team has lost 4 debates, we will no longer try so hard to avoid giving them a category 5 judge.  Further, it is possible that we will then give you one of your strikes, though only as a last resort.

10.   Some notes about some judges:

a.         I am listed as judging zero rounds.  I am highly unlikely to judge except in an emergency (but emergencies do occur at debate tournaments).

b.      Ms. Webster Dunn from USMA is listed as judging 5 rounds.  She, too, is unlikely to judge.

c.       Dr. Patten of Monmouth, our genial host, is listed as judging 3 rounds.  The tab room will endeavor to keep him out of prelims so he can be our genial host.  He may judge one or two outrounds.

d.      Mr. Shelton of Rutgers-Newark will judge his two rounds on Saturday night and Sunday, and he will be available for outrounds.  We thank him for his donation.

e.      Mr. Baker of NYU is listed for 1 round.  He will only be at the tournament on Sunday.  On Saturday, he will be busy fighting the power (running a UDL tournament).

f.        Ms. Keenan of CUNY is on the strike sheet with 0 rounds listed.  She will not be at the tournament on Saturday, as she will be busy supporting patriarchy and heteronormativity (she’s in a wedding).  If she is your judge on Sunday (or if you see her in the hallway), please speak softly.

11.    We expect to lag-pair round 4 (off of round 2 results).  We will straight-power round 5 (the noble Dr. Patten is providing dinner between rounds 4 and 5).

12.   Please check judge conflicts.  As of now, the only ones listed are the CUNY-NYU conflicts.

13.   Very important:  if you have a conflict with a judge, do NOT pref that judge on the sheet.  Besides throwing off your count, it also removes the block that the program puts on that judge hearing you.  Then, you (or the judge) comes to the tab room after the round is paired, and you want to know why that judge is judging you.  And we often have to waste a round of judging the replace the judge.

14.   Registration will be at the tournament hotel from 8 pm to 10 pm (or 11 pm if we have to).  Site to be announced.

15.   Don’t forget about the bonfire on the beach starting at 8:30 on Friday night.  Joe Patten will have further details.

Looking forward to a great weekend!--Neil
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