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Judge Mentorship Program -- Wake Forest Tourney
« on: November 11, 2009, 07:20:38 PM »
In 2007, a group of us coordinated a judge mentorship program at the Northwestern tournament.

Based on recent inquiries from some younger judges, we would like to revive the idea. Jarrod Atchison and I will be coordinating the program at the upcoming Shirley tourney. JP Lacy and Gary Larson will assist us via the tabroom.

What is it ?...

The impulse behind the idea is simple – as Ross put it “so much of the training is on-the-job”. The goal would be for newer judges to request a specific mentor with whom they’d like to work. The “mentee” would sit-in on a round being judged by the “mentor”. Time (and commitment) permitting, the roles would be reversed.

It might give a sneak-peak into how to handle strange or confusing situations. It might simply allow you to better understand that one judge you always pref’d  in college.

What it is not ?...

It’s not group judging – still one person per ballot.

It’s also not designed to gum-up the tab room – which is why a little lead-time is needed so that Gary can schedule mentors and mentee to have differing rounds off.

How to proceed

If you are a younger or newer judge and would like to participate – drop me a line by Sunday afternoon.

Please identify a mentor (or range of prospective mentors) with whom you would like to work. Do me the favor of confirming that they will be in the pool at Winston-Salem. Jarrod and I (and many others) are available – Lacy, however, will be busy running the tourney.

Please keep in mind that it is more difficult to pull-off this project for those with full commitments or no commitment.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.