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2011 Soul Invite
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Kansas State University would like to formally welcome you to join us at the SOUL OF AMERICA tournament in Manhattan on February 13-15th.

In the spirit of the Heart of America tournament hosted by KU and the old Kansas State CEDA round-robin, we aim to provide numerous intense, quality debates with a schedule conducive to a celebration of community.  

New changes -
1 – 7 prelim rounds, with partials Sunday night for the young and old.  This still allows most to get home before too late on Monday night.
2 – Many meals…Lunch and Dinner the first two days of the tournament.  We will have coffee and bagels in the mornings.  The tournament hotel has a good/mostly free breakfast.
3 – Less movement - Only 2 buildings will be used for prelims.  Sweet Gators will still be available for transportation.  Elims will occur in the Student Union on Monday.
4 – no lag pairings…
5 – Saturday-Monday format with debates Monday happening in the Union.


Transportation: For those flying into Manhattan, KS – KSU is willing to provide you with necessary shuttling to and from the tournament and to ensure that you get fed.  Kansas City International Airport is about a 2 hour drive away from Manhattan. MHK, the Manhattan Regional airport is now offering service from Dallas and Chicago. For those driving, if directions are needed, please ask.

Tournament transportation:  If coach/older debater-types need to get somewhere in the evening, transportation can be arranged.  Otherwise, schools are responsible for getting to and from the tournament themselves.

Hotel Information: The tournament hotel is the Clarion located at 530 Richards Road Manhattan, KS 66502 (785) 539-5311.  This is the same as in years past.  The rate is $82+tax/night for up to four in a room.  Registration will occur here, but no other activities will.  This is a no-risk hotel block for KSU, so if you decide to stay elsewhere this will in no way effect tournament costs. The vast majority of the block is doubles.  Free parking and wireless internet is included.  When making reservations, please call the number above and ask to be under the “KSU Debate Team” block.  The rate will be honored Wednesday through Tuesday of the tournament weekend. Reservations made after January 21st, 2010 will not be guaranteed the rate.  Please make reservations early.  The hotel also features an indoor pool, hot tub, arcade, and restaurant/bar.  Breakfast is free for up to 2 individuals per room.  Manhattan possesses many other lower-cost hotel options.  If you desire advice after searching, please feel free to ask.  For those wanting to prioritize proximity to campus and the center of town, there is a newly renovated Holiday Inn across the street from campus that usually has rooms at a rate of $120/night.

Homestays: If cost savings are a necessity, KSU will try our best to house students and coaches at no charge.  Accommodations will likely include a futon, couch, floor or air bed.  Coaches will likely have it much nicer.  If this is in the plans, please contact

Entry Fees:  $40/person (this includes judges and debaters).  This includes 6 meals and nice trophies.  We know this is higher than the regional average, but so are the amount of meals provided.  If schools would rather lower entry fees and less meals, please indicate this to  This change was a result of consultation with Directors.  Checks should be made payable to "Kansas State University".  For new and struggling programs, if the entry fee prohibits attendance, please let us know – we will work something out.


Topic: We will follow the 2010-11 CEDA topic.

Hybrids: In any division, two debaters from different schools may debate together and advance to elimination rounds.  Yes, you can debate with anyone who still has eligibility and enrolled in a CEDA school and win the tournament.  Debate with your BFF, old high school partner, current partner, arch rival, whatever your flavor.

Division Eligibility: We will follow the CEDA eligibility rules.  Please do not place anyone outside of the eligibility requirements stipulated in the Constitution even if you desire to forgo points. They may be removed from the tournament if it is not logistically desirable to place them in the proper division.

Division Size Requirement: We will have it if at least 5 teams from 3 different schools enter.  If not, the division will be collapsed and a final break-out round will happen either Sunday night or Monday morning.  We do not remotely anticipate collapsing JV into Varsity.

Elimination Rounds: Half of the teams will clear in each division.  All teams must have a winning record to clear.  Unless previously met, a coin-toss will determine the sides.  If the two teams met in prelims, they will assume opposite sides in the elimination rounds.

Illness/Mavericks: Mavericks are not allowed to enter the tournament.  In the event of illness or other reason approved by the Tournament Director, a partner may debate up to 2 prelim debates before they must accept forfeits.  No team may advance to elimination rounds having competed together less than 5 of the 7 prelims together.  In order to compete in elimination rounds, both team members must be present and give speeches.

Judging: Please provide 4 rounds of judging for every team entered or 7 rounds for every 2.  If a judge is brought that can only judge in the JV or Novice division and cannot be placed in their committed rounds, the tournament will politely ask the school to increase the commitment levels of another judge or pay to have these rounds covered.  Any school wishing to use a current Varsity debater or judge with less than 2 years collegiate debating or judging must get approval from the KSU staff prior to arrival.  The tournament will do its best to notify any schools of any problems ahead of time.  Hired judging will be few and far between.  If you need it, please let us know in advance.  The cost of hiring is $30/round.  We would strongly prefer that schools address their judging needs on their own and not through the tournament.

Judge time limits: All decisions must be back into the tab room 2 hours and 30 minutes after the announced start time for prelims and 2 hours and 45 minutes after the announced start time for elims.  The tab room may extend this only on the basis of unforeseen circumstances.

KSU Teams: Kansas State teams will compete and have the ability to clear.  Our debaters need the experience and this will make the tournament larger. We do not mind if others choose to debate at their own tournament.  KSU students are likely to be doubling as debaters and workers (ballot runners, food servers, cleaners, late-night drivers, etc).  

Tabulation: We will use the CAT: online ballot-entry, real-time results, and online bracket – go Jon!! Justin Green and Sarah Snider will be in the tab room.  Terri Easley from JCCC will co-direct.  Someone from another school will always be present when pairings are created.  Any coach who wishes to witness this process, learn more about the CAT, inquire about procedure, or bash KU basketball is welcome in our tab room. Individuals who do not follow the rules of Kansas State University or governing laws while on campus events, may be asked to leave the tournament.  

Awards: Numerous awards will be given out.  We might also pick out a coach/judge we like and give them an award. KSU debaters will not be eligible for speaker awards.

Disclosure: In order to receive strikes/preferences, a team must post to a copy of all of their previously run affirmatives that they might run at the tournament.  If new advantages/plan texts have been added, please submit these as well.

Looking forward,

Justin Green, Cade Hamilton, Sarah Snider, Joe Koehle, and Nick Burr on behalf of KSU debate

Friday, February 11th
6:30-8:30 PM Registration in Ramada hotel lobby

Saturday, February 12th - Varsity in Eisenhower Hall - JV in Bluemont Hall
7:30am Pairings released online and at tournament – bagels and coffee provided in Eisenhower Basement
8:30 am Round 1 (Preset based on Bruschke CAT generated rankings)
11:00 am Round 2 (Preset based on Bruschke CAT generated rankings)
1:00-1:45 pm Lunch provided
2:30 pm Round 3 (High-Low)
5:00 pm dinner provided
5:30 pm Round 4 (High-Low)

Sunday, February 13th - Varsity in Eisenhower Hall - JV in Bluemont Hall
8:00 am Pairings Released online and at tournament – bagels and coffee provided
9:00 am Round 5 (high-high)
LUNCH following Round 5
12:00 pm Round 6 (high-low)
3:00 pm Round 7 (high-low – tab room will assign sides)
Dinner following Round 7
5:30 PM Partials in Varsity, JV

Monday, February 14th - All Debates in Union on 2nd floor....
8 AM Pairings released
9 AM elimination debates will happen until a sole victor emerges in each division.
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