Author Topic: Getting on the INternet at UNT  (Read 3442 times)


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Getting on the INternet at UNT
« on: January 03, 2011, 06:44:06 PM »
Welcome to one of the nation's most internet friendly campuses.

We have obtained plenty of temporary usernames and passwords for our guests this week.  Here's how to use our system. 

1. At registration, you will be given a set of usernames and passwords for your contingent.  There is an address for each member participating.  If you need more than allotted (Because you have bodies not listed on debateresults) just let us know.

We have also emailed this list for each school to the contacts listed at

2. Distribute one username and password to each participant, coach and judge that you have with you.

3. When on campus, simply locate the wireless network called "Eaglenet" then subscribe to it.

4. Open your web browser which will take you to a eaglenet login page.  Enter your username and Login information.

If you encounter any problems, talk to me, Brian or call  940-453-2359