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Redbird Debate Tournament
« on: August 18, 2011, 12:03:17 PM »
The Redbird Debate Tournament will be held on October 21 through the 23, 2011, below is the invitation.


Donny Peters

On behalf of the Illinois State University Forensics Union, I would like to invite your program to the 2011 Redbird Debate Tournament Oct. 21-23.  We will offer six prelim rounds in Open, JV and novice divisions with the appropriate amount of elimination rounds.  We hope to provide you with excellent hospitality and a friendly environment to participate in quality debates.  Tournament information is below.


Donny Peters
Director of Debate
Illinois State University
309-438-2321 (office)

Kevin Meyer Ph. D
Director of Forensics

Lindsey Dixon
Graduate Assistant Coach

Scott Siebert
Assistant Coach

Registration fees

$60 a person.  The fee includes breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, dinner on Friday and Saturday and lunch on Saturday.  If you have an emerging program or a program that has had significant budget cuts in recent years and would like to attend our tournament but cannot afford entry fees, please contact me.

There will be a $100 fee for uncovered teams.  We do not have many extra judges in the area so if you need judging, please contact me as soon as possible.

Hotel information

Holiday Inn Express Suites
1715 Parkway Plaza Drive, Normal, IL
(309) 862-1600
Block Name ISU Debate
The rate is $ 89 a night.

Bloomington-Normal has many other hotels in short driving distance to campus.  If you need assistance on finding a different hotel, feel free to contact me. 

Entry Information

Deadline to enter is Tuesday, October 18 at 5 p.m. Central Time.

Hybrid teams will be allowed to participate and clear to elimination rounds
We will not allow 3 person or maverick teams to enter. If a team is made maverick due to illness the maverick team will be allowed to compete for 2 total rounds. If the teammate is unable to return after 2 debates then the maverick team will be dropped from the tournament.

Judging.  We require the standard 3 rounds of judging should cover each team. All judges are required for the first elimination round.  Each judge is obligated until one round after their team is eliminated from competition.

The time limits will be 9-3-6, with 10 minutes of preparation time per team.
We will be using the 2011-2012 CEDA/NDT resolution.
When you register – please indicate the number of vegetarians, vegans, or other dietary needs of your squad.

Preference will be available through the Brushke online entry system ( We will make every effort to have strikes go into effect in round one, and guarantee that they will be in effect by round three. All judges at the tournament are expected to render a decision where they indicate one, and only one, team that won the round (did the better job of debating). Judges' ballots not adhering to this principle will be "corrected" by the tab room through use of a coin flip. No round will take longer than 2 hours and 30 minutes from the reading of the 1AC until the judge signs the ballot. Keep in mind that if your round does run the duration of the 2.5 hours, you will be encouraged to keep your post-round comments brief.

Elimination rounds: We will clear half of the field in each division, as long as those teams have (at least) a .500 record.

Travel Information

Illinois State Campus can be accessed from the North and South via I-55, East and West via. I-74. 
There are also a number of airports in the area.  The Central Illinois Regional Airport is only 10 minutes away from ISU campus. The airport features AirTran Airways, American Eagle, and Delta Airlines.  Peoria international Airport is approximately 45 minutes from campus. Finally, the Abraham Lincoln Capital airport is about an hour south of Bloomington-Normal.

Friday, Oct. 21
2:30-3:30    Registration (On campus)
3:30      Pairings released
4:15      Round 1
6:15      Dinner (provided)
7:15      Round 2
Saturday, Oct. 22
7:30      Breakfast & Pairings released
8:30      Round 3
10:30      Round 4
12:30      Lunch (provided)
1:30      Round 5
4:00      Round 6
6:00      Dinner (provided)
7:00      Awards
Sunday, Oct. 23
8 a.m.      Breakfast-pairings released
9 a.m.      First Elim round
11:30      Second elim round
Remaining rounds TBA