Author Topic: ADOF Postion at Weber State: A few notes from OG  (Read 2586 times)


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ADOF Postion at Weber State: A few notes from OG
« on: January 15, 2011, 04:01:43 AM »
To Those Who Might Be Interested:

Weber State University is currently conducting 5 full-time faculty searches, including a search for our new Assistant Director of Forensics (ADOF).
The ADOF is a full-time faculty position with all the responsibilities and privileges this would normally entail at a typical publicly funded state school.  A Master’s Degree in Communication is required.

This is not a tenure track position, but is renewable pending positive evaluations.

The normal load is 2/2.  Historically, this has meant public speaking (COMM 1020).  But with the right candidate, I would like to include our argument & debate course (COMM 2270).  COMM 2270 is a very important course for us, as we make an extra special effort to sell every seat, require a tournament experience, and thus work with 40-50 rookies per year.

WSU Debate aspires to both include and excel.  It would be incumbent on the ADOF to spearhead the argumentative charge for our 10-20 person junior varsity and varsity squad.

Our Department also likes the program to do professional service.  We have operationally defined that to mean that WSU Debate needs to host professional conferences and forensics tournaments from home school, to high school, to college.  This does include plans for an expanded summer camp. We will need the new ADOF to assist us in meeting these expectations.

We will also be starting an Individual Events team in the near future, in order to push our annual participation rate north of the century mark.  We would like to see applicants have some experience in this area.

Thank You for Your Consideration.

For more information about Weber Debate, please visit:
If you’d like to talk with me more directly: