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disclosure in the JV division
« on: November 25, 2009, 11:36:53 PM »
I recently competed in the JV division after 2 years of competing in open.  In preparing for the tournament this is what I found:  Half of the people in the division doesn't exist on the wiki.  Some schools entire wikis were blank, some schools only had one thing posted on the wiki that they hadn't run more than once.
This would've been bad but that wasn't the end of it, we emailed a few teams before the tournament asking them what aff they had run in order to be better prepared to debate. One of the teams told us an aff that to my knowledge and to the knowledge of some other people who more regularly compete in the division they almost never ran.  Other teams refused to tell us affs they had run in the past.  A few teams walked in seconds before the round started to announce an aff different then what appeared on the wiki another team disclosed one aff before the round and ran a different aff in the round. 

What is up with this?  It was ridiculous!  I have never had this problem in the open division.  There is a community standard that is you should disclose your aff and your general negative arguments on the wiki.  In the open division this standard is upheld fairly well.  I admit that sometimes open teams mess this up too but not nearly to this extent.  I believe that it is more important for disclosure to happen in the JV division than it is in open.  Here are a few arguments why

1. Learning to do work- disclosure is key to students learning to prepare for arguments they're going to debate at a tournament.  Without know what arguments are going to be there, students cannot work on those arguments

2. A quality competitive debate.  Young debaters cannot learn how to debate if they are behind because they don't understand the topic of the arguments.  Without coaching and time to cut cards these debaters are thrown in to a round where they are not prepared.  The speeches will inevitably be poor. 
3. Disclosure improves education.  Most education in a debate occurs before the debate begins when debaters are reading cards and doing work on other peoples arguments.  Education is incredibly important to early debaters because they have so much to learn. 

How to fix this:  Listen- I get it- if you're learning to debate it sucks to disclose all your tricks.  I am advocating the minimum level of disclosure.  We don't disclose all of our arguments on the wiki.  We run the same aff as our top team but took out some advantages- we said "same as team x, these advantages" Our negative isn't on the wiki- we run the same types of arguments as our other teams, when people ask us before the round we tell them the disads and CP's we usually read.  I am not saying you have to disclose all your cards, I'm not saying you have to disclose all your negative arguments.  All I want is on the aff either "same as team xx" or a plan and advantage list or if you don't have a plan or advantages 2 sentences explaining your arguments.  On the neg if you read the same stuff as your other teams just leave it off, if you read the same as your aff leave it off.  SOMEWHERE on the wiki tho whether it be on your top teams page or on your aff page, disclose the name and a breif explanation of your regular arguments. 

If you're not willing to do the wiki- be willing to answer questions before the debate.  Enter the room with adequate time before the debate starts, tell people what arguments you usually read, answer questions about the aff.