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District Five -- Results
« on: February 27, 2011, 02:27:05 PM »
The following teams have advanced to the National Debate Tournament via the District Five Qualification Process:

1st Place -- Michigan State -- Gliniecki-Klante. 8-0, 21 ballots
2nd Place -- Michigan -- Deming-Sekaran. 7-1, 19 ballots
3rd Place -- Wayne State -- Gocha-Leap. 5-3, 17 ballots
4th Place -- Wayne KS -- Kamboj-Singh. 5-3, 15 ballots

1st alternate -- Michigan State -- Hockensmith-Ramesh. 4-4, 13 ballots
2nd alternate -- John Carroll -- Brossmann-Brossmann. 4-4, 12 ballots
3rd alternate -- Wayne State -- Justice-Messina. 4-4, 11 ballots

Special recognition should be extended to Michigan LR (YaoYao Liu and Lee Reed). They won five debates and would have finished in 4th place -- but were ineligible to advance because they were a third team.

It was a very strange weekend -- weather forced us to debate entirely in the hotel.

I am not joking when I say that I literally never left the hotel the whole weekend -- Brent was that good of a host. On the fly, every meal was brought to the tournament for the competitors.

Thanks to Brent and JCU for their support. Thanks to Ron Stevenson for his help as our District's co-chair.