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Results- CEDA East Regional Championships
« on: February 28, 2011, 10:16:18 AM »
Hope everyone made it home safely!

Below are the results for the Ceda East Regional Championships.

Novice Semis
BC BT defeats Cornell AB on a 2-1 decision
USMA AC defeats WVU IW on a 2-1 decision

Novice Finals
USMA AC defeats BC BT on a 3-0 decision

JV Semis
New School FO defeats Binghamton DZ
WVU defeats Binghamton KT

JV Finals
New School FO defeats WVU

Top Novice Speaker: AJ Warne, WVU
Top JV Speaker: Aziz Ali, NYU (I'm 99% sure)

Critic of the Year: Gordie Miller, Rochester
CEDA Final Round Judge: Buddy Khan, Rochester
Micheal K. Davis Award Winner: Marnie Richie, Vermont